Easy Ways Your Company Can Participate in Charitable Giving  

Easy Ways Your Company Can Participate in Charitable Giving  

Our lives are busy, but when given the opportunity, people love to extend support to those in need.

Business managers can make this happen.

With a little organization, managers can lead and set the tone for community engagement. In the process, corporate giving has the added benefit of promoting employee leadership, boosting team spirit and increasing morale.

Companies that give, are recipients of positive marketing opportunities. As an added bonus, the public likes to support businesses that are charitable.

There are many ways to help. Contributions can be monetary, but can also involve time and services. A company’s generosity usually becomes public, as recipients of good like to publicly acknowledge those who have helped them. The benefits to all involved are priceless.

Here are various ways to help:

Organize Collections by Themes :

Donation Fridays:

Place Large Baskets in specific locations. Send an email the day before to remind everyone of the theme of the week/month. Below are examples of rotational item collections:

  • Blankets for homeless shelters.
  • Shoes
  • Coats
  • Tops
  • Pants
  • Toiletries
  • Career clothes for low income women/men interviewing for jobs

Donate To A Local Animal Shelter Day:

  •          Donate $5 dollars to your local animal shelter
  •          Donate Towels, Chew Toys, Treats, Linens, Cleaning Supplies

Collect Books:

          Donate Books to a Children’s Literacy Program

  • Collect your children’s gently used books
  • Donate Coloring Books
  • Writing Materials
  • Painting Materials
  • Pencils, School Supplies
  • Backpacks for underprivileged children
  • Donate board games

Volunteer Your Company’s Time and Cooking Skills:

          Meals on Wheels-Sign up to drop off lunch to a homebound elderly near your workplace.

Hold a car wash and donate all proceeds to a cause selected by your company 

Adopt a Family for Christmas

Hire a Veteran 

Hire an Intern-Partner with Local Community Colleges and Universities. Provide opportunities for minority students to gain real world job experience and begin their journey towards their career.

Skills-Based Volunteering -offer your employees an opportunity to take their jobs to new sites

Support them as they contribute workplace skills to nonprofits or schools.

Some of the services they can volunteer include:

  • Advertising
  • Accounting
  • Consulting Tips
  • Workshops
  • Giving an Inspiring Talk-Overcoming Challenges Talk-How you made it to the top.
  • Writing Skills
  • Tutoring
  • Technical
  • Translation

Team Building Service Projects:

Contact local schools, contribute your team’s efforts to beautifying projects, painting walls, donating exercise equipment, like soccer balls.

Participate in “Pick-and-Go” Projects: these are ready to go, 2-3 hour team-building and volunteering projects. Check with your local volunteering agency.

Invite nonprofit leaders to your workplace during a brown bag-lunch meeting. 

Added Benefits for Companies:

Bea Boccalandro, a Business and Community Partnership Consultant for OneOC, cited impressive research listed below. Visit her blog on this link.

  • Harvard Business School research found that companies with more corporate community engagement significantly outperform their counterparts over the long-term, both in terms of stock market and accounting performance.
  • Market research has uncovered that 56 percent of Americans will travel an extra 10 minutes out of their way to purchase a product that supports a cause they care about and that 71 percent are willing to pay at least $2.28 more for such a $10 product.
  • Corporate Executive Board Company research involving millions of employees across several industries found that every employee who participates in corporate community engagement activities adds $2,400 of value to the company via increased employee engagement.
  • An academic study found that corporate community engagement programs often boost employee engagement and customer-service levels.
  • A Deloitte survey revealed that millennials are twice as likely to be very satisfied with the progression of their career when they have the opportunity to volunteer through their employer.

With a little organization we can get a lot done.

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