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“To Live Happily in Honduras is a Child’s Right.” Honduras campaigns to stop Child Migration to the US.

“Thousands of Hondurans emigrate every year in search of work and opportunities abroad and go through the worst difficulties. That’s why we are working to help them and to guarantee that they receive the best attention from our consulates. I propose that we build a single Honduras for all, a Honduras of opportunities, equality, and brotherhood … We are going to radically change the social situation in Honduras. Children will go to school, receive a school snack and we will provide for their health. They will live in homes that, although humble, will have eco-stoves, cement floors, safe ceilings, water filters, latrines and family gardens. We will provide access to job training for young people and adults, and for the organization of their own activities. ” Juan Orlando Hernandez, President of Honduras.


Juan Orlando Hernadez, President of Honduras. Source, CONMIGHO


Despite the encouraging message by the Honduran president, consular statistics show that Hondurans continue to migrate and be deported in the tens of thousands. The Honduran consular organization, CONMIGHO generates statistical data for the purpose of informing Honduran society about consular and migratory affairs. CONMIGHO collects, standardizes and analyzes information to improve consular and protection services for Honduran migrant citizens.

Below, are the latest statistics by CONMIGHO on Honduran deportations from Mexico, the US and the rest of the world.


Number of Hondurans who were deported by land from the US and from Mexico. Period: Jan-June 30th, 2018. Source, CONMIGHO.


Hondurenios retornados de mejico

Number of Hondurans deported by air from the US and Mexico. Jan-June 30th, 2018. Source, CONMIGHO


Hondurenios retornados via aerea de US

Hondurans deported from various parts of the world, Jan-June 30th, 2018. Mexico deported the largest number of Hondurans, close to 9 thousand more than the U.S. Source, CONMIGHO.


Hondurenios retornados en el mundo


Comparative chart of Honduran deportations, by month and year through June 30th, 2018. Source, CONMIGHO.


Comparativo retornados hondurenios


Faced with massive deportations, Liza Claudett Medrano Moncada, was hired as the General Director of the Protection for the Honduran Migrant program.


Liza Medrano
Liza Claudett Medrano Moncada, General Director of the Protection for the Honduran Migrant program.


The Honduran government is running campaigns for the prevention of migrant child and family migration. In the video below, they warn,

“Don’t risk your child’s life. Child migration is the same as abandonment.”



“To Live Happily in Honduras is a Child’s Right,” Child migration prevention campaign.

In the campaign video below, the children speak proudly of Honduras:

“Here I have my home; here I have my family; here I have my friends; here I have my dreams.”



“Let’s stop them from leaving Honduras.”

In the next source, the government outlines the migration crisis: “Each year, thousands of children migrate to the US in search of safety and opportunity. During the trip, they travel thousands of kilometers in the worst conditions. They could become victims of abuse, sexual abuse, theft, and kidnapping. Let’s change our present. Let’s keep them home. No more children and teen migrations.”



“Let’s change our present; Let’s stop them before they leave.”

The campaign below calls for local government and residents to join efforts to stop children from leaving Honduras.

“Our children deserve to live in a place that is safe, free of violence and with opportunities for education, work, and recreation. In each community in Honduras, local authorities and its residents should work to strengthen the protection of our children’s rights by providing opportunities for girls and boys.”



“Migration is not a game. The only life you have is on the line.”

The migration prevention campaign video below uses a video game theme to appeal to child migrants and to show the dangers of a child migrant’s journey.



Below, is a map of all Honduran consular offices in the U.S.



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