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“I plan on breaking the mold for how traditional politics have operated in Mexico.” President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador outlines his 50 Points to combat corruption.

President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the 50 guidelines that will govern the public service administration and eliminate corruption when Obrador assumes his role as President of Mexico: “I plan on breaking the mold for how traditional politics have operated in Mexico.”


50 Puntos: 

  1. The law will be appended to add that the President may be tried for the crime of violation of electoral liberties and for corruption.
  2. All privileges for public officials will be suspended in full.
  3. The law will be reformed and will consider influential peddling, treasury fraud, fuel theft, and electoral fraud as grave crimes.
  4. The Attorney General’s Office will oversee its duties with absolute autonomy.
  5. The Electoral Prosecutor’s Office will be in charge of ensuring that elections are clean and free.
  6. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor will be the guarantor to avoid the corruption that has so damaged Mexico and work to disallow it.
  7. Every official must present his/her declaration of assets.
  8. The President will earn less than half of what the current President receives.
  9. No new vehicles will be purchased for officials.
  10. Computer systems will not be purchased in the first year of government.
  11. There will be no more than 5 advisors per Secretariat.
  12. Only Secretaries will have personal assistants.
  13. There will be no bonuses or other canonries for officials.
  14. Travel expenses will be limited to a minimum.
  15. There will be no special allowances for private medical expenses.
  16. The current “individualized separation insurance” will disappear.
  17. No travel abroad without the authorization of the Secretary. Travel will be reduced to a minimum.
  18. Trusts will be canceled.
  19. Nobody will have bodyguards, except those in charge of security.
  20. All duplicate structures and programs will be deleted.
  21. The entire structure of government workers and trusted employees will be reduced by 70 percent.
  22. Salaries of senior civil servants will be lowered by half.
  23. No one will use private planes or helicopters. Airplane fleets and helicopters will be sold.
  24. Pensions to former Presidents will be canceled.
  25. Vehicles and other public goods will not be used for particular matters.
  26. Family members will not be hired.
  27. Entrusted workers will work from Monday through Saturday, at least 8 hours a day.
  28. No one will be allowed to go to work while intoxicated or drink in public office settings.
  29. Government advertising spending will be reduced by 50%.
  30. Officials will not attend parties of large contributors, suppliers or investors linked with their public function.
  31. No public official may privately employ the labor of workers at the service of the State.
  32. No official, without a real cause of the emergency, may declare the closing of streets.
  33. Merchandise in public stores of limited amounts will not be purchased.
  34. No offices will be remodeled nor luxury furniture purchased.
  35. Only Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries will have the support of chauffeurs.
  36. The police and the military will not be at the service of officials or individuals without justification.
  37. The Presidential General Staff will be fully incorporated into the Secretariat of Defense.
  38. Los Pinos will become part of El Bosque de Chapultepec and will become a space for art and culture.
  39. Wardrobe consignments will disappear.
  40. All spying or telephone intrusion that affects the right to privacy will be canceled.
  41. The assets of the office used by public servants will be protected as collective patrimony.
  42. Unnecessary office expenses will be avoided.
  43. Citizens in public office will be treated with kindness.
  44. Government purchases will be made in a consolidated manner.
  45. Government work contracts will be carried out through public bidding with the participation of citizens and observers from the ONU.
  46. There will be no items in the budget available to deputies or senators.
  47. No public officials may receive gifts whose value exceeds five thousand pesos.
  48. The hiring of offices to draft bills will not be authorized.
  49. In business or financial relationships with international companies, preference will be given to companies from countries whose governments are characterized by their honesty.
  50. Contracts signed with national or foreign companies that have been granted through influence, corruption or that can damage the Treasury will be reviewed.



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