Month: September 2018

US Officials Warn El Salvador of Negotiating Ports and Island with China

Puerto  Union–Union Port in El Salvador.  A costly project that failed to attract international concessions. Built-in 2010 by President Mauricio Funes the port and nearby ….

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“Yes to Scholars, No to Hitmen,”Andrés Manuel López Obrador Outlines Ambitious 6-Part Initiative focused on Mexican Youth Education & Work Life

Andrés Manuel López Obrador has a plan to heal Mexico’s youth from a life of crime, illiteracy, and unemployment. The solution is not more jails ….

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In Mexican Education Forum, 9-year-old Xóchitl Guadalupe Cruz López gives a speech asking Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to save Science Education.

Last week, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President-Elect of Mexico participated in his first Educational Forum in Chiapas, Mexico. This forum is part of a series ….

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“This is Not Normal Stress,” Costa Rica Dental School Students Have to Find Own Patients, pay for Transport and Fees and Beg them to Keep Appointments.

A group of dental students from the University of Costa Rica (UCR) has raised their voice to denounce unfair treatment as part of their training. ….

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