At just 16 years old, José Guillermo González is possibly the youngest entrepreneur in Tegucigalpa.

At just 16 years old, José Guillermo González is possibly the youngest entrepreneur in Tegucigalpa.

Teteria Te Invito: Foto, cortesia, Jose Guillermo Gonzalez.

At just 16 years old, José Guillermo González is possibly the youngest entrepreneur in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

“My career as a businessman began at the age 8. I would buy stickers, pencils and albums and sell them in school. Today, I own and manage Te invito, my tea house.”

Building a Dream

“I started everything with my mejunjes (mixes). I would grab tea bags, combine them and taste them. Some made me sleepy, other concoctions woke me up. Tea is more than a drink. It is an experience. It helps us to share. It helps us to relax. In our tea shop we look to create an experience for the guests who stop by at, Te Invito. We invite them to have a good time, drink a delicious tea and go home having created a new experience.

As the owner of Te Invito, I invite you to bring someone and have an unforgettable moment with us. I have always wanted to have my own company and thank God this opportunity was granted,” stated José.

Teteria Te Invito, Sabores Unicos Hondurenios
Te Invito-Refreshing Tea created by Jose. Te Invito Facebook Page.

“Each of my teas is a work of art with a unique history, style and preparation. I have created each to give your palate, a unique experience.”

Entrepreneurial Student

Jose’s entrepreneurial dreams soon came true. One day he took a leap of faith and created “Te Invito,”  You are Invited. The business offers a variety of teas, from lemongrass tea to yerba mate and floral teas imported from Argentina and Turkey.

Today, Jose is a busy young man. He studies at the Agua Viva Academy from 7:00 in the morning to 2:30 in the afternoon and then manages and works at his business until 7:00 in the evening.

“It’s tiring. On Saturdays I wake up in the morning and I do my homework, stock up for the store, and work in my business until 6:00 in the afternoon.”

Teteria Te logo
Jose’s logo for his business. Courtesy Te Invito Facebook page.

In addition to building a clientele with his exquisite hot and cold flavors, the young man employs two adult workers and dreams of growing his business.

“I am looking to expand my business in more commercial centers in the capital and other cities of Honduras.”

Jose dreams of diversifying his business and creating an atmosphere. He plans to hold chess tournaments and offer a line of holiday teas, including a Christmas teas made with pineapple, fat pepper, and other mixtures.

If you are visiting Tegucigalpa, stop by, try one of Jose’s original teas, and meet this entrepreneurial young man.

Te Invito is in Casa Quinchon , 2 blocks from Tegucigalpa’s Central Park,  right across from the Financial district.

You are invited



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