Feria del Libro Dominicano NYC

Return of Feria del Libro Dominicano

New York paused its Dominican book fair and is returning after five years of its absence. The book fair will take place on September 24, 25, and 26 of 2021 and the theme is based on the Dominican migration. Lourdes Batista, Commissioner of Culture in Dominican Republic, said that this event is dedicated to doctor Silvio Torres Saillant, a writer and sociologist, whose work is well-known in the US.


Feria Internacional del Libro. Source, FILNYC.


The purpose of this event is to show children and teenagers the importance of literature and motivate them to read. The book fair will be inclusive of all writers, including English writing authors, to convey the message of the diverse, rich, culture of the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Writers and their Work

Homage to Writers in las Ferias del Libro Dominicano in New York

Yrene Santos

She is a writer and professor at a University in New York. She is a co-organizer of The Americas Poetry Festival of New York (TAPFNY).


Book, Septiembre casi termina, a collection of poems. Source, Amazon.com


Septiembre casi termina is a poetry collection that shares the thoughts and feelings of the author openly. 


René Rodríguez Soriano

He is one of the most recognized and valued Dominican authors who in 1998 promoted Iberoamerican literature.


Book, Solo de flauta short stories. Source, goodreads.com.


Solo de flauta is based on a night in which René Rodríguez Soriano took his flute, on his balcony, and with the music of his prose wanted to share with the audience the important pieces of his memory.

Jorge Piña

Psychoanalyst, Writer Jorge Piña. Twitter @metapoeta.


He is a poet and the creator of a concept known as Metapoetry which are poems centered around the theme and relationship the author has with the text and their public.

Rhina P. Espaillat

She is a frequent reader, speaker, and workshop leader, and is active with the Powow River Poets, a literary group she co-founded in 1992.


And After All. Source, Amazon.com


Rhina P. Espaillat And after All meditates on the passage of time. The perspective sweeps from the panorama of foreign landmarks to the close view of a lover’s feet in failing health, held and cared for.

The return of book fairs highlights the importance of cultural appreciation and the necessity to speak about critical topics such as immigration, racism, and mental health. A book fair carries many stories into one place where the audience is allowed to enter the diverse minds of authors. There is no border that stands between the authors and the audience other than the cover that is waiting to be opened. Although this country has a necessity for technology, book fairs allow for people to recognize the value of physical books and be able to interact with each other in a way that influences cultural enrichment and knowledge. Now that COVID is coming to an end, there is no better way to enjoy art and culture at La Feria del Libro Dominicano. 


Nancy Ortega | University of California, Davis

My name is Nancy Ortega and I am a current undergraduate student at UC Davis majoring in Animal Science and Spanish, but began my studies at Rio Hondo College. I am the proud daughter of two immigrants and the sister of a Dreamer. My interest in Latin America emerged due to the passion from my high school Spanish teacher. I became interested in the variety of cultures, the unique people, and the history still to be uncovered from underrepresented countries. In Latina Republic, I want to expand the beauty and complexity of Latin America and enrich my mind, as well as that of the readers, throughout this new experience. I look forward to meeting interesting individuals, hearing new stories, and coming out with a fresh mind set.