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President Ivan Duque Becomes a Great Example to the World as He opens the Door for Afghans and Venezuelans to take Refuge in Colombia


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Globally, we have been hearing about the current issues going on in Afghanistan and how the Taliban rule is causing nothing but detrimental effects to the Afghan people leaving them no choice but to desperately flee their country due to the fear of being tortured, killed, and stripped from their basic human rights under the Taliban. President Ivan Duque stepped forward last Friday to confirm Colombia’s part in opening the doors for Afghan migrants temporarily in Bogota. “Colombia is now setting a global example after setting a regional example by providing TPS to Venezuelans” explained Juan S. Gonzalez, advisor for the Western Hemisphere at the U.S National Security Council.

The news about Colombia’s solidarity towards the millions of people escaping the chaos in their country has been well received worldwide. The United States Ambassador of Colombia Philip Goldberg states, “We are deeply grateful for your generous announcement, which reflects the compassion of the Colombians people towards those in need.”



The Afghans will receive a temporary permit that does not require a visa and is based primarily in Bogota, Colombia. Bogota is already preparing for the arrival of several Afghans who worked with the United States in their Country and who will also make temporary transit to the United States. This statement was reported by the vice president and chancellor Marta Lucia Ramirez, who came forward to share details of the arrival of the Afghan people to the country, which was agreed upon by Colombia and the United States.

Ramirez states, “We need this vulnerable population that comes from Afghanistan to get to a place where they feel welcomed, where they feel stabilized, put their lives straight, their feelings, their heads in order to take on the challenge of a new life in the United States. For that reason, it seems to us that, in the beginning, it will surely be better for them to be concentrated in the same city, possibly Bogota.” The vice president and Foreign Minister Maria Lucia Ramirez also assured that all Afghan migrants will have a large number of hotel rooms and lodging places containing anything they need at their convenience in the capital.

President Ivan Duque also explained that Biden’s government will be in charge of providing temporary shelter and protection. These are people who, despite the Afghan struggle, worked for the United States to restore rights in the country. Ambassador Phillip Goldberg also recognizes Colombia as one of his greatest allies in these difficult times.


Phillip Goldberg, Ambassador of the United States in Colombia. Photo source: Presidency.


President Duque responded to that commitment stating, “We do this support for the U.S government with a sense of solidarity and reciprocity for the support they have always given Colombia and because we are United by the protection of human rights, of women and, of course, to be with our allies when they need us.”


Afghan security guards keep watch of the hundreds of people gathering in the international airport of Kabul, Afghanistan. Photo source: Aljazeera.


Since the beginning of his government, President Duque is known to have one of the most outstanding support policies for the migrant population in the world. We can see the representation of this notion through Colombia’s decision in contributing to be part of changing the lives of many Afghan people fleeing their country due to the shocking tragedy they are currently enduring. 

Another great example would be Colombia’s part in helping the Venezuelan population. More than 5 million migrants that were expelled due to the Venezuelan crisis are currently in Colombia and 960,000 of these migrants are in irregular conditions. Forced migration is a problem that, looking back, has always haunted humanity. We can never forget the thousands of Venezuelans crowding the border to cross into Colombia. Venezuelans making lines to have a second chance at a peaceful life became a regular occurrence for Colombia. 



The world right now is focused on finding solutions to help the constant enduring agony the Afghans are living in this present day which leads to desperate measures in finding anyone who can receive their refuge. Currently, millions are attempting to escape and flee from an unpromising future from the takeover of the Taliban, especially women and girls who will be victims of constant sexual assault and stripped away from freedom.


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