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The Tulip Fields of Trevelin

Tulips are not originally from Holland, but from Turkey. They came to the Netherlands in 1559 through the Ottoman Empire, where they adorned the costumes of the sultans; from there, they spread out with sailors all over the planet to a corner of Patagonia, Argentina, where in one region in South America, travelers can find the most colorful image of Patagonia: The Tulip fields of the town of Trevelin, Chubut, an Argentine province founded by the Welsh in 1885. The colorful field of tulips are a natural wonder; a must see for visitors of South America.


Bienvenidos a Trevelin. Source: Pulsourbano.


Interestingly, the flowers are discarded and only the bulbs are sold for ornamental purposes. The plantation measures three hectares and has Triumph and Darwin tulips, totaling 27 colors. The Ledesma family owns and manages the business and plants the tulips with a machine in April. They cut the flowers in November so that the bulb forms and, between December and February, they harvest them, most of them by hand. The Ledesmas started this floral entrepreneurship 25 years ago by cultivating 3 million bulbs per season.


Source: Secretaria de Turismo de Trevelin.


In the month of October the city of Trevelin dresses in colors as the tulips bloom. The cultivation has become a great tourist attraction for the town and every year more tourists visit Trevelin to observe the colorful tulips’ fields. Tulip bulbs have been cultivated in Trevelin since 1997 through the initiative of a local producer who decided to invest in this type of non-traditional undertaking in the region. Due to the favorable climate and soil conditions, the results were very encouraging from the beginning. Currently the city exports tulips to the world and much of it is destined for the Netherlands.

At the beginning of May the bulbs are sown and during the month of October the plants complete their flowering, providing a unique spectacle that fills the valley with colors. They can be appreciated preferably on the second quinceanera of the month, which is why they are associated with the celebration of Mother’s Day.



After flowering, the flowers are cut so that the plant concentrates its growth in the bulb. These are harvested, classified by size and variety, go through a severe phytosanitary process and are ready to be packaged for commercialization in the national and international floriculture market.


Source: @tulipanespatagonia.


The Tulip Fields are a unique attraction in Argentina that every spring surprises with a unique color palette. The Ledesma family opens the doors of their farm so that everyone can enjoy this beauty. The plantation is open to the public for approximately one month from October 1 to November 7, from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. It is not necessary to book a visit. Travelers can arrive independently or by hiring an excursion with one of the local and area travel agencies.

2021 Rates:

$800 Argentine pesos for General Admission

Children under 12 years old at no cost

A Welsh pastry and food court is offered on site. The farm is located on Route 259, in the area of the Nant and Fall Protected Natural Area and next to the Nant and Fall Vineyards. It is 13 kilometers from the center of Trevelin and is part of the Welsh Route circuit, an excursion offered by travel and tourism agencies.

There are also night visits, especially recommended for all photography enthusiasts.




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