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Danay Suarez: A Musical Experience through the Tones and Rhythms of Cuban Hip-Hop, Jazz, Reggae, and Soul

Danay Suarez is an R&B and rap singer and songwriter born in Havana, Cuba in 1985. Danay is a pioneering Cuban artist that performs across multiple genres; Jazz, Hip Hop, and traditional rhythms of Cuban music. Danay is a fundamental representative of the Cuban Hip Hop scene. She has received four Latin Grammy nominations in various categories and has become a modern symbol for the Havana music scene. This week, Danay returns for an unforgettable performance in Miami. 

Fever calls the artist, an “elegant and unique representative of the Cuban Hip Hop scene.” Her upcoming performance promises to be a cultural and musical experience that carries us to the Havana music scene. Danay’s Sobre Mi, combines rhythms of Cuban hip hop, jazz, reggae and soul.



Danay Suarez first made her debut in Miami at the Blackbird Ordinary Club to a sold-out room. The audience was hypnotized by her music, never losing engagement during her performance. Danay shared the stage with other urban artists in Miami and in other states in America. The artist studied Computer Science in Cuba, but it wasn’t until she attended the Instituto Superior de Arte that she embraced music professionally. Ultimately, Danay decided to train independently and began working at Opera de la Calle. During that period in her life, she also recorded her first underground tracks in Estudios Real 70, a small Havana room that produced the early Cuban hip hop scene of the late twentieth century. Her music has been adapted into several Youtube videos made by filmmakers in Cuba, which have won awards in art competitions.



Danay has spread internationally, participating in several European festivals and clubs due to the production and curatorship of the Havana Cultura Project, with help from DJ and Producer Gilles Peterson. She has also worked with Equis Algonso, Roberto Fonseca, Ricky Martin, Karol G and Robertico Carcasses. Her songs have also covered the soundtrack of several Netflix series as well as games, such as the Need For Speed and Fifa 2020. Danay received numerous outstanding reviews, especially in France.

The rave international reviews reveal music a a true universal language; it brings people together regardless of language. Music is indeed felt by our spirits and Danay had no idea how her music would impact international audiences. Danay stands out with her unique risky harmonic improvisations and wide range voice. She incorporates flows of scat and hip hop, a fusion of traditional Cuban music, jazz, reggae, and classical. 



Danay Suarez will be performing in Palapa in Miami on the 13th of January. 

You can purchase tickets to her intimate concert Sobre Mi here.


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