El Salvador Labor Inclusion

El Salvador Launches Nationwide Labor Inclusion Initiative Focused on Single Mothers

The government of El Salvador is implementing job placement strategies to bring job opportunities to sectors that for years were excluded and stigmatized. These job inclusion initiatives are being carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Rolando Castro. The latest initiative is focused on connecting single mothers with employment opportunities across El Salvador.

La Unión, El Salvador

Last Tuesday, more than 700 single mothers signed a work contract in the east of the country, reported the Ministerio de Trabajo of El Salvador on August 30th.

The Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Rolando Castro, toured the eastern part of the country to participate in the placement of more than 700 single mothers in a variety of jobs.


Image Source: Ministerio de Trabajo y Prevision Social de El Salvador.


In the morning, Rolando Castro was at the CALVO group facilities to witness the signing of employment contracts between this company and hundreds of women who are single mothers, “Grupo Calvo is an anchor of development in La Unión, we are making placements in La Unión and later we will go to San Miguel. This day we bring a light of hope to single mothers,” said the official.


Image Source: Ministerio de Trabajo y Prevision Social de El Salvador.


Castro said he was pleased with the company for the support they provide to the Ministry’s programs, “We guarantee decent and dignified jobs for all single mothers, as a government and minister we are proud to support companies like Calvo, which respect the rights of their workers and have all the benefits.”



For her part, Marcela Cazares, representative of the company, said that the program championed by Minister Rolando Castro is consistent with the policies of the institution.



“We are gathered here to provide a job opportunity, this project is aligned with our strategy as company, we are the main generator of jobs in La Unión,” said Cazares.


Image Source: Ministerio de Trabajo y Prevision Social de El Salvador.


In the afternoon, the Labor official participated in the placement of more women in different jobs, as hundreds of single mothers packed the facilities of the National Youth Institute (INJUVE) based in San Miguel.

“When I hear that many mothers, with this opportunity, are going to be able to obtain the necessary income to raise their children, I feel great pleasure,” the official told the women gathered at INJUVE.

Castro assured those present that employment is one of the transversal axes in society and that is why hundreds of single mothers would be placed in the eastern part of the country. “We thank the companies that are collaborating, they are companies that offer decent jobs and with all the benefits,” he reiterated.



Soledad Quartucci | Latina Republic

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