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President Abinader Inaugurates Modern Cable Car in Los Alcarrizos

President Abinader Inaugurates Modern Cable Car in Los Alcarrizos. “Has speed and power,” reports Presidencia de la Republica Dominicana.

Santo Domingo. – President Luis Abinader inaugurated on May 1st the Los Alcarrizos cable car, which he assured “will change the face of this municipality and transform urban transport mobility nationwide.”

Likewise, the president instructed the director of the Office for the Development of Urban and Interurban Mobility Projects, Jhael Isa, to coordinate with the Ministry of Education so that all students in the areas near the cable car are issued a transportation card and can travel to their schools for free every day.

Similarly, the Head of State also announced that during this month of May the cable car will be free for all users.


President Abinader Inaugurates Modern Cable Car in Los Alcarrizos
President Abinader inaugurates the most modern cable car in Los Alcarrizos. Image Credit: Presidencia Republica Dominicana.


He also added,

“I instruct you to make the location adjustments so that the integrated rate of 35 pesos for the cable car and bus are extended to other OMSA corridors.”

In the president’s opinion, with the completion of this work, a true integrated transport system is implemented in the two large metropolises of the country.

He considered that currently, the present government management carries out the greatest transformation in the mobility of the country. Since only 3 years, despite the adverse economic circumstances,

“We have launched 5 bus corridors, 2 cable cars, and we are working intensively on the extension of the metro and a monorail in Santiago.”

The Dominican President expressed pride on the mobility works of his administration,

“Today a dream of which I feel very proud is fulfilled, because it is not just a promise, but the faithful fulfillment of my commitment to the substantial improvement of people’s lives, through the conception and implementation of a whole process of transformation of the transport system and urban mobility at the national level.”

For President Abinader, this transport system comes to solve the mobility problems generated by the population growth that this municipality has experienced in recent decades.

“We are here to open a new chapter that will change the lives of the men and women of this great municipality, which has played an important role in Dominican history since its founding.”

The cable car will transform the face of Los Alcarrizos

The Head of State understands that the Los Alcarrizos cable car has come to transform the face of this municipality and that it provides the necessary support to thousands of people who daily use the public transport system to get to their workplaces and centers of study, “where they put all their enthusiasm and desire to get ahead and contribute to the development of our country,” he said.

“This is the response that the government of change gives to the needs of the people, of the working people to whom we must reward their great effort, work to improve their living conditions and contribute to the development of their ideas and projects of life,” stated Abinader.



Similarly, the Minister of the Presidency, Joel Santos Echavarría, expressed that, with the commissioning of the Los Alcarrizos Cable Car, the way thousands of people travel is transformed through comfortable, safe and compliant transportation based on international standards.


President Abinader Inaugurates Modern Cable Car in Los Alcarrizos
President Abinader inaugurates the most modern cable car in Los Alcarrizos. Image Credit: Presidencia Republica Dominicana.


The official indicated that the work will benefit some 400,000 citizens.

“When I tell you that urban mobility is beginning to change in Los Alcarrizos, I am referring to the social and economic impact of a modern engineering project that will reduce the time it takes users to make the four-kilometer journey from the Los Americanos sector, up to the intersection with the Duarte highway,” he declared.

Meanwhile, Jhael Isa, director of the Office of Special Projects for Urban and Interurban Mobility, and of the Mass Transportation Trust (FITRAM) said that, with this work, Los Alcarrizos celebrates because it leaves behind marginality, poverty, disorder and the desperation caused by the chaos in traffic in this demarcation and that affected the more than 400,000 Dominicans who live in this area.


President Abinader inaugurates the most modern cable car in Los Alcarrizos. Image Credit: Presidencia Republica Dominicana.


“Today we put this new and modern cable car in the hands of God, who has accompanied us throughout this project, so that he may bring blessings to each of the families that today join the Integrated Transportation System, so that they prosper, transform and improve their lives, their quality of life, and can grow productively for the well-being of their people,” expressed Isa.

He said that, with the new transportation system, the community members of the area will have 4.19 kilometers and 4 stations of a safe, comfortable, and efficient transportation system, which will allow users to cross the city in just 15 minutes.

He explained that with the cable car, more than 18,972 square meters of public spaces are created and urban parks are recovered for the enjoyment of children, the elderly and all citizens.


President Abinader inaugurates the most modern cable car in Los Alcarrizos. Image Credit: Presidencia Republica Dominicana.


Work description

The Los Alcarrizos cable car will decrease, on average, 45 minutes of transportation time currently spent by the inhabitants of the municipality, now traveling a distance of 4.20 kilometers in 15 minutes.

It is considered one of the most modern in the world, in its nature, as the first monocable urban system that reaches a capacity of 4,500 passengers per hour per direction, and the fastest of all, due to its 7 meters per second, which is equivalent to 25 kilometers per hour.

163 cabins with capacity to transport 4,500 passengers per hour and per trip

It has four stations: The first in Los Alcarrizos, which starts from the entrance of the sector on the Duarte highway (which is also being intervened through the MOPC) and which will be integrated with line 2-C of the Santo Domingo Metro in the section that is being built between Los Alcarrizos to Avenida Luperón, to be inaugurated next year 2024.

The second station is located in Las Toronjas and connects with the third located in Puente Blanco, until reaching the fourth station of the Cable Car in Los Americanos.

In terms of mobility, the administration of President Abinader completes 3 integrated bus corridors with 47 kilometers; 2 cable cars, for a total of 8 km; 7 kilometers of metro extension; the expansion of the capacity of Line 1, and 13.3 kilometers of Monorail in Santiago. In summary, a total of 75.3 kilometers of quality and availability public transport networks.


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