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Signatories of the Peace Agreement in Colombia Receive Property

Signatories of the Peace Agreement in Colombia receive property to settle and cultivate the land

  • At least 140 peace signatories of the ETCR Mariana Páez arrived with their families at the new 1,453-hectare property, located in Meta.
  • The signatories, who are associated in several cooperatives, will continue with their livestock, milk, cocoa, coffee, cane and other projects.

Acacías, Meta, June 1, 2023. @AgenciaTierras The general director of the National Land Agency, Gerardo Vega Medina, handed over the 1,453-hectare El Berlín property in the municipality of Acacías (Meta), to the reincorporated and signatories of the ETCR Peace Agreement Mariana Páez.

The Territorial Training and Reincorporation Spaces-ETCR are special areas created by the Colombian government to temporarily host former FARC-EP militants.



The 140 peace signatories and their families were temporarily located in the municipality of Mesetas and since June 1st, they will continue with their productive projects in the municipality of Acacías, also in the department of Meta.

The titling of the new property was a commitment by President Gustavo Petro to the peace signatories, and in less than 45 days the National Land Agency managed to acquire and title the property where they will have a safe space for the construction of their homes and continue with their agricultural activities, especially livestock and dairy products.



“In record time we have complied with the acquisition and titling of the El Berlín property in Acacías, Meta, to guarantee the transfer of 140 reincorporated from the Farc and their families.

Here they will have fertile land so that they can continue with their productive projects of livestock, cocoa, coffee, cane and others, which will contribute to their economy and that of the municipality,” explained Gerardo Vega Medina, director of the National Land Agency.



The signatories highlight this new stage as an opportunity to reaffirm their commitment to the Total Peace of the country and a possibility to strengthen their productive projects, since, after the signing of the Peace Agreement, these will be developed on their own lands.

“This is a new beginning for us because here we finally have our land to be calm and move forward with our productive projects.

We must start building everything again, find suppliers and customers, but we are happy because it is fertile ground to be with our families,” said Efrén Briñes, a peace signatory.


Signatories of the Peace Agreement in Colombia Receive Property. Image Credit: Ricardo Baez-Agencia Nacional de Tierras (ANT).


During the event, the National Land Agency also handed out 14 titles to formalize the property of farmers from the department of Meta who had been waiting for years for a title that shows them as the legitimate owners of the rural properties where they live.


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