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Mexican Humanism

Helping those who need it most and strengthening the domestic market generates development, says the Mexican president.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed that the economic model of the Government of the Fourth Transformation is based mainly on attention to the people to reduce poverty and promote development with justice in the country.

“Our model, the moral economy in the scheme of Mexican Humanism, is a great contribution, very opposed to the neoliberal or neo-Porfirian model. (…) We are going to maintain the same policy of supporting from the bottom up. That is a big difference (…) and this will strengthen the domestic market,” he stressed.

“If people don’t even have the most essential things, how is commerce or industry going to flourish?” he added.

He maintained that the government should promote public investment, meet the needs of the population and not use the budget to favor minorities.



“That does not mean making a sectarian government, no. It is to help those who need it most, to reactivate the economy, the internal market and in this way those at the top will benefit,” he explained.

The Program of the Mexican Liberal Party of 1906 —one of the most important in the history of Mexico—, he said, is the essence of the current economic policy, “and this has allowed us to avoid a consumer crisis.”

As part of the National Development Plan, the Well-being Programs contribute to social and economic stability, since they guarantee the purchasing power of the population, explained the president.

“I hope that this policy continues, serving everyone, listening to everyone, respecting everyone, but giving preference to the poor, to those who need it most,” he said at a morning press conference.

In this regard, the Chief Executive reported that this week the payment of the Pension for the Well-being of the Elderly began for the benefit of more than 11 million beneficiaries, who will be able to collect what by right corresponds to them through the cards of the Banco del Bienestar or in cash through payment operations that are carried out in the most remote communities.

“Most already have their Welfare Bank cards. There are still about a million and a half older adults who do not have a card because there are no nearby banks and the payment is being made in cash; Brigades accompanied by the National Guard go to deliver these supports, but more and more cards are being delivered. We are going to reach 25 million beneficiaries this year in general,” he explained.

Before representatives of the media, President López Obrador indicated that the policies of zero corruption and Republican austerity have given positive results because they generate a budget that is destined to satisfy the needs of the people.

He endorsed that at the end of his term in September 2024 he will not leave pending or unfinished infrastructure works.


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