International Cultural Festival Nicaragua

Nicaragua to Host International Festival of Arts, Culture and Gastronomy

Nicaragua to Host International Festival of Arts, Culture and Gastronomy

Updated 8/4/2023 to include Program and Menus

The Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (Intur) announced the details of the new edition of the international festival. With participation of 41 countries, coordinated in collaboration with the embassies accredited in the Republic of Nicaragua and “pueblos hermanos,” the festival will take place on August 5th and 6th in the Centro de Convenciones Olof Palme in the creative city of Managua.

For the Nicaraguan family, the visitors to Nicaragua, neighboring countries and con-nationals, the colorful event will be an opportunity to learn about the cultural traditions and gastronomic traditions of each of the 41 countries that will be represented.

“We will also have a wide cultural agenda where we will have the colorful traditional dances of the sister nations that will be accompanying us. And all those who visit the fair will be able to see the handicrafts at each stand spotlighting the unique crafts and gastronomies of each country, featuring a taste of cultures and the delicious cuisines,” said co-director of Intur, Yaosca Calderón.

“Of course, our Nicaragua is included in these 41 countries and visitors will be able to learn about our traditional dishes, our Nicaraguan handicrafts as represented by our creative cities,” added Calderón.



The event is hosted within a framework of peace, brotherhood and solidarity from Nicaragua to our neighbor nations, said the co-director of Intur.

Camila Ortega, General Coordinator of the National Commission for the Creative Economy, said the event is highly anticipated by Nicaraguan families where the brotherhood of nations is celebrated.

Cultures from 40 Countries to Meet in Nicaragua

This was announced at a press conference on July 26 by state authorities headed by the co-director of Intur, Yaosca Calderón, who provided details about the event that will take place on August 5 and 6, at the Olof Palme Convention Center in Managua.

“Always within this framework of solidarity and brotherhood we will have the participation and representation of 41 countries, very happy to surpass the numbers of last year, this through the embassies of the sister nations accredited in our Nicaragua, fascinating… irresistible,” she mentioned.


Culture from +40 countries to meet in Nicaragua, August 5, 6. Image Credit: Intur, Nicaragua.


The tourism authority added that this is an opportunity to get to know the gastronomic traditions of the participating countries up close, in addition, visitors will be able to enjoy an extensive program that includes representative dances of the sister towns and in the stands there will be crafts, music and cultural samples.

Camila Ortega, general coordinator of the National Commission for Creative Economy, said that this festival is expected year after year by Nicaraguan families.

“Nicaragua, the main protagonist of this great festival, will be joining in with all its gastronomy, all its art and all its culture throughout these two days,” she said.

The Ministry of Family Economy, Mefcca, represented by Josefa Torres, general secretary, assured that the protagonists are ready to present their rich gastronomy and that there will also be creative gardening ventures and spaces to discover the wonderful flora that the country has.

For his part, the director of Channel 6, Aaron Peralta, indicated that this event allows one to be in Nicaragua and at the same time travel the world through its flavors, colors, smells, music, singing and for the fraternity and solidarity of the towns. Channel 6 will cover and promote the event, with live broadcasts on both days of the festival.

This free party will be enlivened on Saturday the 5th by the musical group Costa Azul and the Nicaraguan Folkloric Ballet, and on Sunday the 6th the rhythm will be set by Dimension Costeña.

International Program and Menus for the Event








“We are preparing a large billboard of activities. This Saturday, August 5 and Sunday, August 6, we will have the epicenter of all culture, gastronomy, crafts, from more than 41 countries that will be joining us in this festival,” said Roberto Morales of Nicaragua’s National Promotion, referring to the Festival of Arts, Culture and Gastronomy of Our Towns, at the Olof Palme Convention Center.

He added that this event with free admission promotes the unity and brotherhood of peoples, which has been strengthened over the years. He also mentioned that there will be three new countries in attendance represented through their embassies: France, Angola and Turkey.

See you there!

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