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The Group of 77 and China Summit

The Group of 77 and China Summit: Cumbre de los 77, La Habana, September 15, 16.

The Group of 77 and China Summit, focusing on the theme “Addressing Current Development Challenges: The Role of Science, Technology, and Innovation,” commences this Friday in Havana under the presidency of Cuba, as reported by Cubadebate.

This summit aims to foster a unified approach among South-South countries to tackle the significant global challenges the region confronts. Cubadebate describes the event as “holding crucial importance, serving as a platform for dialogue in preparation for the Sustainable Development Goals Summit in New York and the forthcoming 2024 Future Summit.”


Grupo 77 y China-Image Credit- Presidencia de Cuba.


The Summit’s agenda, hosted at the Convention Palace, will provide over a hundred high-level delegations with the opportunity to articulate their nations’ perspectives on contemporary issues.

Central to these discussions is the recognition that the development of the Global South increasingly hinges on knowledge, science, technological advancement, technology access, and innovation.

Cuba’s 2023 pro tempore presidency of the G77 and China remains dedicated to upholding the group’s historical demands, explains Cubadebate. These demands encompass reshaping the international economic order, reforming the global financial system, rejecting unilateral coercive measures, addressing wealth concentration and poverty, including extreme poverty, mitigating the burden of external debt, and reforming the international financial system, particularly for the Global South.


Grupo 77 y China-Image Credit- Presidencia de Cuba.


The government of Cuba states it seeks to promote “an outlook grounded in knowledge, academia, and science, addressing not only pressing global issues but also the political challenges shaping the planet’s present and future. In times of systemic crisis, facilitating technology and innovation access is imperative.”

The Summit in Havana will serve as a pivotal forum for fostering political coordination in South-South and North-South cooperation, along with other related strategies.

The outcomes of the G77 and China Summit, including a political declaration, hold significant significance due to their practical implications. “As customary in the G77 and China, this declaration will emerge from a broad, transparent, and inclusive intergovernmental negotiation process,” states the Cuban press.

In 2023, Cuba undertook the responsibility of leading the largest and most diverse multilateral consultation group, representing 134 member states that account for two-thirds of the United Nations Organization’s membership and 80% of the global population.

The Group of 77 was established in 1964 within the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and at the conclusion of the first session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Currently, it comprises 134 nations from Latin America, Africa, and South Asia. In 1992, China joined this collaboration, contributing to its external participation and cooperation efforts.

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