Political Prisoners Venezuela

Venezuela Releases Some Political Prisoners

Venezuela Releases Some Political Prisoners

In Caracas, Venezuela, a group of five political prisoners, among them journalist Roland Carreño, who had been detained since 2020, were released last night.

These releases came shortly after the United States temporarily eased certain sanctions, a move that followed the signing of an agreement between the Nicolás Maduro regime and the opposition.

“Freed last night,” posted Gerardo Blyde after the release of five political prisoners.



“It is a long process that is now beginning to emerge” said Blyde, the Head of the negotiating delegation of the Unitary Platform.

Gerardo Blyde anticipates that additional political prisoners in Venezuela will be freed, following the recent release of Roland Carreño, Juan Requesens, Marco Antonio Garcés Carapaica, Eurinel Rincón, and Mariana Barreto in the early hours of Thursday.

“The first embrace with my son in liberty. Thank you to everyone for your solidarity during these 5 years. God Bless You,” said Juan Requesens’ father on “X.”



NTN24‘s correspondent Oliver Fernández reported that the releases occurred in the wake of the agreement inked in Barbados between the Nicolás Maduro regime and the Venezuelan opposition. “It’s important to note that the agreement itself doesn’t explicitly address the issue of political prisoners,” said Fernández.



The individuals released include Venezuelan journalist Roland Carreño, who had faced accusations of purportedly financing terrorism and possessing illicit war weapons, leading to several years of imprisonment.

Additionally, Juan Requesens, who was accused of an alleged attack on Nicolás Maduro during National Guard Day in Caracas, was among those released.

NTN24 noted that Requesens had been serving his sentence at home for several years.




Following his release, Juan Requesens decided to visit his parents’ home last night. NTN24 managed to speak with Juan Requesens Sr. this morning. He mentioned that his son had the chance to “dine on Perro Calientes last night, and was out until around 1 AM.”

Anxiously Awaiting News

Fernández pointed out that numerous relatives of political prisoners are anxiously awaiting any developments regarding their loved ones. Many are closely monitoring the situation to see what will happen next.

The prevailing concern is that if all political prisoners aren’t released, there might be a continued cycle of prisoners being exchanged by the Nicolás Maduro regime, a scenario that worries many, said Fernández.

“It’s essential to remember that while this is a significant development, there are still hundreds of political prisoners in Venezuela, and only a small fraction have been released thus far. Human rights advocates are calling for the release of all political prisoners in the country, not just a select few who may be emblematic,” reported Fernández.

The initial outcomes of the accord brokered in Barbados between the opposition delegation and the Maduro regime facilitated by Norway are starting to manifest. Alongside the temporary sanctions relief, five political detainees were set free last night.



In the early hours of October 19, Gonzalo Himiob, the vice-president of the Penal Forum, announced the addition of Wilder Vásquez to the list of those who have been released.

Tal Cual states that Wilder Vásquez, an international trade student, had been arrested in October 2018 “in connection with the attempted assassination of Nicolás Maduro. In August 2022, he was sentenced to five years in prison for concealing the crime of terrorism.”



Maria Corina Machado expressed relief at the release of the initial prisoners, emphasizing the power of reunification of “these unjustly detained Venezuelans with their families.” She extended her support to Roland Carreño, Juan Requesens, Marco Antonio Garcés, Eurinel Rincón, and Mariana Barreto, highlighting that “they should never have been imprisoned for their convictions.”

Furthermore, she stressed the continued plight of hundreds of civilians and military personnel in Venezuela “who remain under the oppressive regime’s captivity, enduring torture and inhumane conditions,” and fervently called for their immediate release. Opposition leader María Corina Machado is currently disqualified from holding public office.

“Opponents point out that political disqualification is a government mechanism to remove candidates from the elections,” describes VOA.

The Comptroller General of Venezuela (CGR) reported that it disqualified former opposition representative María Corina Machado from running for elected office for a period of 15 years.

Machado appears in the polls as one of the favorites to win the primary elections with which the Venezuelan opposition will choose its presidential candidate for the 2024 elections.


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