Acapulco Hurricane Otis Reconstruction

Reconstructing Acapulco

Reconstructing Acapulco

The Mexican government will invest 61,313 million pesos in the reconstruction of Acapulco de Juárez and Coyuca de Benítez in Guerrero, as reported in a press release by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

This initiative will be carried out under the comprehensive reconstruction and support plan for the affected population, which President Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented November 1st alongside members of his Cabinet.

“It is an approximation, and if more is needed, we will increase the budget. (…) The message is that the affected and the victims are not alone; they have the support of the Mexican people, which is always very fraternal and supportive, and, of course, the support of the government,” he emphasized at the start of the morning press conference.

Rogelio Ramírez de la O, the Secretary of the Treasury and Public Credit, outlined that the funding will cover the 17 actions of the comprehensive reconstruction and support plan for Acapulco and Coyuca de Benítez following Hurricane Otis.



These actions include:

Providing all necessary support to the families who lost their loved ones due to the hurricane and intensifying the search for the missing, always accompanying their loved ones.

Advancing the payment of all Welfare Programs by two months starting from the next Monday, including pensions for the elderly, people with disabilities, scholarships, support for producers, fishermen, youth, and others.

Enrolling an additional ten thousand young people in the “Jóvenes Construyendo el Futuro” program to engage in cleaning, construction, painting, and other activities. They will receive the equivalent of a minimum wage. Recruitment begins today.

Doubling the number of scholarships for basic level students, from 45,000 to 90,000.

Extending a six-month grace period for Infonavit, Fovissste, and IMSS payments.

Waiving electricity service charges from November 2023 to February 2024.

Distributing a basic food basket containing 24 essential food items weekly to approximately 250,000 affected families.

The federal government is in talks with supermarket chains like Walmart, Soriana, and Chedraui to collaborate on this effort.

Providing, starting this week, eight thousand pesos to all households for cleaning and painting, and offering financial support to affected homes, ranging from 35,000 to 60,000 pesos, depending on the damage and according to the ongoing census.

The Secretariat of Welfare has registered 50,000 households so far.

Delivering a package of household essentials to all affected families, including a bed, stove, refrigerator, fan, and tableware.

Offering 20,000 “Créditos a la Palabra” (Word Credits) of 25,000 pesos each, interest-free, payable over three years with a six-month grace period, benefiting small businesses, workshop owners, eateries, and other service providers.

Allocating 10 billion pesos from this year’s public budget for the supply and improvement of water distribution lines, drainage, road repairs, public lighting, hospitals, schools, the two airports, and other services.

Waiving taxes until February 2024 in Acapulco and Coyuca de Benítez, including the Value Added Tax (IVA), Income Tax (ISR), and others.



Establishing a Guardia Nacional (National Guard) base with 250 personnel in each neighborhood with more than a thousand households to ensure peace and safety for all citizens, prevent home break-ins, protect commercial establishments, gas stations, cargo transportation, and gas distribution, with the aim of restoring normalcy in peaceful coexistence and public life as soon as possible.

National Financiera (National Financial) will provide interest-free loans to small and medium-sized businesses.

The Treasury Department will support by covering half of the interest on loans granted by commercial banks to the 377 hotels in Acapulco.

The Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications, and Transportation will allocate 218 million pesos from its current budget to rehabilitate the Acapulco-Chilpancingo highway, federal roads, the two bypass roads connecting Costa Grande and Costa Chica in Guerrero, bridges, and other roadworks.

The entire reconstruction work in Acapulco and Coyuca de Benítez will be coordinated by Luisa María Alcalde Luján, the Secretary of the Interior, and Evelyn Salgado Pineda, the constitutional Governor of Guerrero.

President López Obrador acknowledged the people of Guerrero, saying,

“Despite their hardships and sorrows, they have not lost faith. They continue to fight for life, and together we will soon, very soon, rebuild the beautiful and nostalgic port of Acapulco.”

He also praised the dedicated work of employees and leaders of the Federal Electricity Commission for their unprecedented effectiveness in emergency cases, as they restored almost all emergency electric services in Acapulco within a week.



The President also commended the responsible efforts of 19,000 soldiers, marines, and National Guard personnel who implemented assistance plans for the population and carried out tasks such as cleaning, tree removal, providing supplies, water, medical care, patient transportation, and public security.

With the comprehensive reconstruction and support plan for the affected population in Acapulco and Coyuca de Benítez following Hurricane Otis, the federal government guarantees the rehabilitation and reconstruction of homes, food, water, electricity supply, and other essential services. The President estimated that the region would return to normality by December.

“What does this plan mean? It means that in three months – November, December, and January – all families will have their food guaranteed. They will have additional income to pay for their gas, for example. Many will already have their stoves, refrigerators, and what they lost,” he pointed out.

“Regarding the people, support for the people, and public services, I would say that by December, you will notice the changes. We want Christmas to be different, not a bitter Christmas,” he added.

Search teams have located 394 people alive: State government

As of November 1st, the number of 46 fatalities remains unchanged, according to the preliminary report from the State Attorney General’s Office, reported the Governor of Guerrero, Evelyn Salgado Pineda.

Due to Hurricane Otis, 58 individuals are reported as missing. Thanks to the expanded emergency search program involving 31 search teams, 394 people were found alive who had no means of communication with their families.

This effort involves members of the Secretariat of the Interior, human rights commissions, and the local search commission.


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