Argentina Debate 2023

The Presidential Runoff Debate 2023: Milei vs. Massa Face Off Today

The Presidential Runoff Debate 2023: Milei vs. Massa Face Off Today

This Sunday, November 12, marks the highly anticipated debate between the two presidential candidates competing in Argentina’s 2023 runoff.

As the electoral tension reaches its peak, the candidates, Javier Milei and Sergio Massa, will engage in a crucial exchange of ideas and visions for the future.

Event Details

The debate is scheduled to take place at 9:00 PM local time at the Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires, located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA).

This venue echoes the setting of the previous presidential debate on October 8, where Milei and Massa, along with the other three candidates who fell short in the first round—Patricia Bullrich, Juan Schiaretti, and Myriam Bregman—crossed paths.

Before that, they had a preliminary encounter on October 1 in the first presidential debate held in Santiago del Estero.


The panel features the two candidates who garnered the highest number of votes in the general elections in October, setting the stage for their face-off in the 2023 runoff:

Sergio Massa (Unión por la Patria)
Javier Milei (La Libertad Avanza)

Debate Structure

The debate, set to last approximately one hour and fifty minutes, is organized into three blocks.

Opening and Presentation:

Candidates have a one-minute introductory segment to present themselves.

Key thematic areas include “Economy,” “Argentina’s Relations with the World,” and “Education and Health.”

Discussion of Thematic Axes

The second block covers three additional topics: “Production and Employment,” “Security,” and “Human Rights and Democratic Coexistence.”

Each candidate is allotted six minutes to address their chosen topic.

Moderators step in if a candidate exceeds two consecutive minutes of speaking time.

Simultaneous speaking triggers ongoing time for both candidates, with moderators intervening to restore uninterrupted dialogue.

Closing Statements

The final block provides each candidate with up to two minutes to deliver a closing statement responding to the question, “Why do you want to be president?”

Interactions and Breaks

Throughout the debate, programmed pauses allow candidates to consult with their advisors, ensuring a dynamic and informed exchange of ideas.

As the nation tunes in for this pivotal moment, the candidates are poised to articulate their visions and ideologies, making their case to the electorate in this critical juncture of the 2023 electoral journey.

The debate can be watched here

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