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Vice President Francia Márquez Mina Presents SALVIA

Vice President Francia Márquez Mina Presents SALVIA, a New System to Prevent Gender-Based Violence

In a press conference from Cali, Colombia, advances of the Ministry of Women’s Vice Ministry (Ministry of Equality and Equity) were announced in the context of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Cali, Valle del Cauca, November 25, 2023 (@ViceColombia).

“We reaffirm our commitment to women’s lives!” Vice President and Minister of Equality and Equity, Francia Márquez Mina, led, along with the Vice Minister of Women, Diana Gómez Correal, and the Presidential Advisor for Women’s Equity (acting), Eliana Valencia Gutiérrez, the commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

During the event, the National System for Registration, Care, Monitoring, and Monitoring of Gender-Based Violence (SALVIA) was presented, a strategy for coordinating and aligning the actions and obligations of the Colombian State to prevent femicide and eliminate gender-based violence.

“This system will coordinate all state institutions to provide effective responses to alarms, urgent messages, or risks that women continually report in this country and that do not currently receive adequate attention. This step we have taken is important to safeguard the lives of Colombian women and prevent gender-based violence,” stated the vice president.



From the city of Cali, the high-ranking official honored the memory of each woman who has suffered from violence and ensured that the Government of Change is fully committed and working to change this reality. She also regretted that the announcements for the day could not be made from Mitú, as initially planned, due to adverse weather conditions.

“I am sad because we were going to hold the event in the department of Vaupés, an excluded and marginalized territory where women do not escape the violence we experience every day in this country, but the weather conditions did not allow us to travel,” she explained.


Meanwhile, the Vice Minister of Women from the Ministry of Equality and Equity, Diana Gómez Correal, discussed the scope of this new portfolio and highlighted that, for the first time, the institutional framework is at the service of addressing the majority population of this country, which is Colombian women.

“This Vice Ministry has five directorates: economic autonomy, single mothers, guaranteeing women’s rights, paid sexual activities, and attention and prevention of violence against women. In this way, the Government of Change fulfills its commitment to Colombian women on this important date of November 25, a day to collectively demand an end to violence,” she pointed out.

Meanwhile, the Presidential Advisor for Women’s Equity (acting), Eliana Valencia Gutiérrez, reiterated the importance of the SALVIA system because it will advance in ensuring, integrating, and coordinating those responsible for attending to women in the territories.

“There will be specific characterizations with an intersectional perspective, meaning that we will recognize how violence against indigenous, Afro-Colombian, raizales and palenqueras women, women with disabilities, Rom women, and women in all their diversity is addressed and prevented, because we understand that these particularities affect them differently,” she added.


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