Colombia Expoartesanías 2023

Products by individuals deprived of liberty at Expoartesanías 2023

Products by individuals deprived of liberty at Expoartesanías 2023

The fourth edition of the fair ‘Expotalentos, art, and culture for freedom’ will take place on Thursday, December 14, at Corferias, reports Presidencia de Colombia.

Bogotá D.C., December 11, 2023

The art and artistic expressions of individuals deprived of liberty are making their way to the halls of Corferias in Bogotá with ‘Expotalentos, art, and culture for freedom,’ a national exhibition aimed at reaffirming the message of rehabilitation and second chances.

The fourth edition of the fair, driven by the Ministry of Justice, the Presidential Counseling for National Reconciliation, the Superior Council of the Judiciary, INPEC, and the Secretariat of Security, Coexistence, and Justice of Bogotá, will feature artistic expressions and a booth in Pavilion 6 of the fair, showcasing products created in workshops within penitentiary and correctional centers.

“Institutions at the national and district level that are interested in the rehabilitation and humanization of the penitentiary system have facilitated this experience so that all attendees can see the quality and talent of those seeking a second chance,” stated the Minister of Justice, Néstor Osuna.

Representatives of the incarcerated population of Colombiaa will exhibit leather goods, woodwork, textiles, jewelry, sculptures, canvas and wood paintings, and other artistic expressions at a booth in Pavilion 6 of Corferias.

A tribute will also be paid to the work of Master José Augusto Rivera, evoking national reconciliation. “As a society, we can send a powerful message by participating and supporting this process of rehabilitation and reconciliation for all these Colombians,” emphasized the Presidential Counsel for National Reconciliation, Álvaro González Hollman.

‘Expotalentos, art, and culture for freedom’ emerges with the aim of materializing the penitentiary treatment process, contributing to crime prevention, and avoiding recurrence of violations of criminal law. Its main objective is to showcase the skills that individuals deprived of liberty have acquired in prison, transforming their lives and opting for new life projects.

“This is a space where we can appreciate, learn about, and acknowledge the artistic creation of individuals deprived of liberty, people who are seeking a second chance in their lives, trying to rebuild their families, their environments,” expressed Jorge Enrique Vallejo, Magistrate of the Superior Council of the Judiciary.


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