National Assembly of Ecuador

The National Assembly of Ecuador

The National Assembly of Ecuador

Since its establishment on November 17, the National Assembly of Ecuador, led by President Henry Kronfle Kozhaya, has been working energetically to create laws that benefit the country. They are also actively overseeing and politically controlling state entities to ensure decisions align with the best interests of the 18 million Ecuadorians.



In this context, the Parliament, with over 100 votes in each case, approved five laws that will contribute to citizen security, economic reactivation, job creation, and the improvement of living conditions for the population, especially for the less privileged sectors:

Law for Salary Equality between Men and Women

Law on Surveillance and Private Security

Law on Comprehensive Risk Management of Disasters

Reform Law to the Law on Identity and Civil Data Management

Mental Health Law (First debate)

Additionally, in the first debate, it processed three projects related to security, combatting organized crime, and job creation:

Law Project for the Control of National Airspace

Law Project on the Cooperation of the Ecuadorian State with the International Criminal Court

Law Project on Economic Efficiency and Job Creation

Committees initiated oversight processes regarding the energy crisis and other nationally significant issues.

Key Actions:

The Plenary, with a large majority, appointed the authorities of the CAL, formed the 15 permanent specialized commissions, Ethics Committee, as well as occasional commissions to investigate the murder of Fernando Villavicencio and for the treatment of constitutional amendments.

Strengthening Institutionalism:

The Assembly contributed to strengthening the country’s institutionalism with the inauguration of President Daniel Noboa Azín and Vice President.

It also appointed the Comptroller General of the State, Mauricio Torres, and the alternate member of the CPCCS, Jazmín Enríquez.

With all these actions, the President of the Parliament, Henry Kronfle, calls on the other branches of the State to work together for the long-awaited Ecuador of peace, progress, and freedom.


Soledad Quartucci | CEO/Founder, Latina Republic

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