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China to Support Honduras with Reconstruction of Educational Centers

China to Support Honduras with Reconstruction of Educational Centers

China will provide support of 285 million dollars to the Government of Honduras for the reconstruction of educational centers nationwide, according to a report by Poder Popular.

Bilateral agreements with the People’s Republic of China continue to yield positive results, states the press. On January 11, the project for Comprehensive Intervention in Infrastructure and Equipment of Educational Centers was presented at the Presidential Palace, with financial support from the Asian country.




Present at the presentation were the Foreign Minister of the Republic, Enrique Reina; Minister of Education, Daniel Sponda; Secretary of the Honduran Social Investment Fund FHIS, Warren Ochoa; Secretary of Planning and Strategy SPE, Ricardo Salgado; Marlon Pineda, Mayor of Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortés; the Chinese Ambassador to Honduras, Yu Bo, among others.

Approximately 1,200 schools will be reconstructed nationwide, which, according to Sponda, “represents a true hope for our children and youth in our country; this project signifies a radical change in the attention given to our young people and the conditions in which our teachers work.”

The financial agreement with China through its international cooperation will provide an approximate sum of 285 million dollars.



This purpose will directly benefit more than 4 million people, “referring to almost the 2 million students we have, plus parents and guardians.”

According to the Minister of Education, in the 298 municipalities, “we will have an educational center that will be rebuilt with the collaboration of the Chinese people and their government; this will mean that every time children go to school, that parents, guardians, and grandmothers take children to school; the love of President Xiomara Castro will be present in that school.”


Soledad Quartucci | CEO/Founder, Latina Republic

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