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El Salvador | Assembly Ensures Job Opportunities for Vulnerable Sectors in the Country

El Salvador | Assembly Ensures Job Opportunities for Vulnerable Sectors in the Country

With 62 votes, the deputies of the Legislative Assembly have approved a decree empowering the Government to enter into a $150 million loan with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). The funds will be utilized to train and employ 180,000 Salvadorans, according to the Asamblea of El Salvador.

The approved decree authorizes the Salvadoran Government to subscribe to a $150 million loan with the IBRD to finance the “Promoting Employment Opportunities and Skills Development Project in El Salvador,” known as “ALDEA.”

This program aims to provide employment opportunities and support entrepreneurship for the most vulnerable population in the country.

The primary beneficiaries will be young people, single mothers, individuals with disabilities, and returned migrants between the ages of 18 and 40 who are not studying, working, or receiving training.




The acquisition of this loan will enable the implementation of training for growing labor sectors and the provision of temporary employment subsidies for companies that offer individuals their first job opportunities. The subsidies will last for a maximum period of six months, based on the minimum wage for the commerce and services sector.

Additionally, investments will be made in improving learning environments through appropriate infrastructure interventions.

Entrepreneurial opportunities will be promoted through training and mentoring in business management, access to capital, and project management, monitoring, and evaluation by an implementing unit of the Ministry of Economy.

Deputy Edgardo Mulato explained that this project will benefit 180,000 people in conditions of severe poverty, addressing historical debts inherited from previous administrations.

“This decree is a project that promotes employment opportunities and skills development for the population with the greatest needs in the country. Previous governments and the old Legislative Assembly were only working for specific interests, and now we are working to improve opportunities,” said the legislator.


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