La Ciudad de Las Artes Panamá

City of the Arts in Panama

City of the Arts in Panama

“This is THE NEW HOUSE OF THE ARTS, a home for the development and learning of all Panamanian artists!” Nito Cortizo.

The cultural sector of Panama and the general public now have 30,000 square meters of the new City of the Arts. A comprehensive model that will provide adaptable and well-equipped facilities, framed by the most spectacular nature.


Inauguration of the Ciudad de las Artes, Panama. Image Credit: Ministerio de Cultura de Panama.


In this new House of the Arts, the National Ballet of Panama, the National Network of Orchestras, and Children’s and Youth Choirs of Panama will have their headquarters. Also housed here will be the National Symphony Orchestra, the National Institute of Music, and the Gallery of the Arts.

The National School of Theater, the National School of Dance, the Youth School of Music, the National School of Fine Arts, the National Council of Writers of Panama, the National Print Shop, and the Mariano Arosemena Publishing House will be part of this vibrant cultural hub.

The City of the Arts is the home of Panama’s artists.

La Ciudad de Las Artes

More than 600 people participated in the first day of events as part of the opening of “The City of Arts,” which included guided tours, live performances by artists, craft sales, Panamanian cuisine, and various folk and cultural presentations.


Inauguration of the Ciudad de las Artes, Panama. Image Credit: Ministerio de Cultura de Panama.


As part of the activities organized for this opening, some of the attending audience took part in a guided tour, where they were introduced by guides from MiCultura to the new facilities that bring together all artistic disciplines in a single complex.

“The largest school of artistic education in the country, at the service of the population!” Nito Cortizo.




Families enjoyed a cultural artistic show that included the talent of live artists such as the group Somos Paralelo, Rómulo Castro and the Grupo Tuira, Combos Nacionales, folk dance academies, and the musical talent of young people and children who are part of the Youth Orchestras and Choirs Network of Panama.




Panamanian cuisine with delicious dishes by the chefs from the “Sabores del Barrio” program were available.


Inauguration of the Ciudad de las Artes, Panama. Image Credit: Ministerio de Cultura de Panama.


The City of the Arts, the most important and largest cultural infrastructure project in the history of Panama, is now a reality.


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