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Argentina-460,000 Foreign Tourists Arrive in the First Weeks of January

Argentina-460,000 Foreign Tourists Arrive in the first weeks of January

More than 460,000 foreign tourists arrived in the first weeks of January. The number represents an increase of 33.5 percent compared to the same period in 2023, according to an official report by the Secretary of Tourism of Argentina.


“Seismiles” tour, near Balcón del Pissis, Catamarca, Argentina. Image Credit: Ramiro Pozzo.


According to initial estimates, over 460,000 foreign tourists arrived in Argentina in the first two weeks of January, indicating a 33.5 percent increase compared to arrivals recorded in the same period last year. The total estimated expenditure increased by 10.5 percent, exceeding 312 million dollars.

The neighboring countries had the highest participation in the total number of tourist trips: Brazil (23.6 percent), Uruguay (14.3 percent), and Chile (12.7 percent). Following them was the United States, with 11.1 percent and a total of 51,403 tourists.


Patagonia. Image Credit: Alvaro Arcelus/Pexels.


The land route showed the highest growth compared to the same period the previous year, with a total of 217,155 tourists, representing a year-on-year variation of 36.9 percent. The river/maritime route increased by 29.5 percent, and the air route increased by 31.1 percent.



Iguazu Falls, Argentina side. Image Credit: iStock.


Regarding the arrival of cruises, the 2023-2024 season will be a record, with a 30 percent growth in tourists and an 8 percent increase in port calls compared to the previous season, involving more than 700 port calls and 750,000 passengers throughout the country.

Furthermore, Argentina surpassed the expectations of UN Tourism in terms of recovering pre-pandemic levels, with a 97 percent compared to a global index of 88 percent, as revealed in the latest edition of the Tourism Barometer 2023.


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