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Bienestar Gas Stations Promote Cooperativism in Mexico

Bienestar Gas Stations Promote Cooperativism in Mexico

Bienestar Gas Station Promotes Sustainable Development in Conhuas, Calakmul, Campeche, Mexico

The Bienestar Gas Stations promote cooperativism in Mexico. The inhabitants of the community will be the ones who will manage the service station through the cooperative, detailed the government of Mexico in a press release.

In Campeche, President AMLO Inaugurated the First Bienestar Gas Station:

“This gas station is yours, owned by the cooperative; and before my term ends, the Tren Maya will be inaugurated, which will help you a lot,” said the first executive.




Gasolinera Bienestar

Following the inauguration of the Bienestar Gas Station in the ejido of Conhuas, Calakmul, Campeche, the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, María Luisa Albores González, affirmed that this gas station, the first in the southeastern region of the country, will create more job opportunities while promoting sustainable practices for the conservation of natural resources and preservation of the local culture.

In the presence of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who unveiled the plaque to commence the operation of the gas station, the head of Semarnat expressed confidence that this achievement would bring happiness to the people of Conhuas, emphasizing the coordinated work and consideration of the territory’s needs during the process.



She explained that the construction of the gas station resulted from requests received through the assemblies of the Tren Maya consultation process to strengthen the social and solidarity economy, aiming to integrate the ejido into a cooperative and inclusive economic development model.

Angel Carrizales, the Executive Director of the Agency for Safety, Energy, and Environment, highlighted that, through constant dialogue with the ejidatarios of Conhuas, a cooperative organization was formed.



Drawing inspiration from experiences in Ixtlán de Juárez, Oaxaca, and Cuetzalan, Puebla, this cooperative marks a new era for the community. He urged the local residents to remain true to their values and principles to sustain the Bienestar Gas Station and, above all, their cooperative organization.

Eduardo Damián Oliveros, the President of the Ejidal Board of Conhuas, expressed gratitude for the support from the government of Mexico and conveyed the eagerness of ejidatarios to join the cooperative. They are committed to working on this and other projects for the benefit of the community.

The Bienestar Gas Stations promote cooperativism in the country, as the ejidatarios of Conhuas, Campeche, will operate the newly inaugurated service station through the cooperative “Unión de Servicios Conhuas.” The resources generated will be directed towards continuous improvements in the community.


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