Los Santos Panamá

Community Work in Los Santos, Panama

Community Work in Los Santos, Panama

CONADES Makes Significant Delivery During The 157th Community Work Tour Of Panama’s National Government In The Province Of Los Santos

In a notable community work session last Friday, January 26, 2024, President Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, accompanied by the Executive Secretary of the National Council for Sustainable Development (CONADES), Mr. Luis Á. Ramírez, issued a notice to proceed in the province of Los Santos.



Community Work in Los Santos, Panama. Image Credit- CONADES.



Additionally, supplies of tools for the storage, protection, and biological control of grains were distributed, benefiting 320 small-scale producers in the region.

The first delivery highlights the notice to proceed for the construction of the wastewater treatment system in the community of Playa Venao, Orilla Arriba corregimiento, Pedasí district.

This initiative includes a wastewater treatment plant, a network of collector pipes, and a pumping station.



Community Work in Los Santos, Panama. Image Credit- CONADES.



The investment also covers the improvement of internal streets in Playa Venao, with paved gutters, benefiting a population of 4,275 residents. The total investment is B/. 2,854,322.16, benefiting residents, businesses, and hotels in the tourist area.

The second delivery focuses on the supply of tools for the storage and protection of harvested grains, providing 320 metal silos with a capacity of 20 quintals each.

This investment of B/. 297,203.20 benefits communities in the districts of Guararé, Las Tablas, Pocrí, and Pedasí, reaching a population of 45,061 inhabitants.





It is crucial to highlight that these tools will support small-scale producers, reducing storage and transportation costs, safeguarding the production by isolating Hantavirus, a disease that has significantly affected the population of Azuero, reported CONADES.



With an investment of B/.9.9 million, Panama rehabilitated 13.07 km of the El Ejido-La Espigadilla-Tres Quebradas-Agua Buena road, Circunvalación El Coto street, the side street next to the Virgen de Guadalupe parish, and the road to the La Espigadilla Cemetery. Image Credit- CONADES.


Aligned with the guidelines and commitments of President Laurentino Cortizo Cohen’s administration, CONADES continues to work hand in hand with producers and provides the necessary support for the tourism sector; improving the quality of life for the population’s growth and its strength.


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