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Colombia | Women Farmers receive Land for Cultivation

Colombia | Women Farmers receive Land for Cultivation

Women Farmers from the Montes de María receive a Thousand Hectares to Cultivate

The lands were donated by the National Land Agency through the Crecer en Paz Foundation and benefit 384 rural families from the municipalities of El Carmen de Bolívar and San Jacinto, Bolívar, and Ovejas, Sucre.

Bogotá D.C., February 6, 2024

Hope is in the air in the Montes de María. Starting today, farmer associations dedicated to the production of breadfruit, hibiscus, beans, turmeric, and sesame will have their own land to work on their crops thanks to the delivery of 1,053 hectares by the Government of Change.

Enilda Benítez, a member of the women’s association ‘Asomerita‘ that received one of the plots, is a victim of displacement and asserts that this delivery will positively transform the lives of many peasant families.



“These crops were on borrowed land, that’s why I feel very proud and happy for the delivery made by the National Land Agency because we didn’t have land, and now we have our own land to cultivate our products,” she said.



President Gustavo Petro has reiterated that his government will continue to peacefully consolidate agrarian reform, the first point of the Peace Agreement with the now-defunct FARC, so that peasants can cultivate the land.

“I am absolutely convinced that we can carry out the Agrarian Reform that Colombia’s history couldn’t achieve, it is the moment, and that is synonymous with peace,” the president told peasants from Mosquera, Cundinamarca, during the launch of CampeSENA.

110,000 families benefited to date

According to figures from the National Land Agency, during President Gustavo Petro’s government, 75,000 families now enjoy formalization and titling of their lands nationwide, and an additional 35,000 families without land benefit from the purchase, donation, and recovery of lands.

Additionally, 30 properties representing more than 11,000 hectares have been acquired to relocate peace signatories located in Former Territorial Training and Reincorporation Spaces in compliance with the Peace Agreement.

And six peasant reserve zones have been established, totaling 412,000 hectares, to contribute to the historical debt the state owes to Colombian peasants.


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