Colombia Tejiendo Interculturalidad

Citizen Consultation on Tejiendo Interculturalidad

Citizen Consultation on Tejiendo Interculturalidad 

Bogotá, Colombia

Tejiendo Interculturalidad is open for citizen consultation until February 21st, reports the Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (ICBF).

The Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF) invites citizens to contribute to the refinement of the Tejiendo Interculturalidad operational manual until February 21st.

This initiative aligns with Colombia’s National Development Plan to nurture robust relationships between the State and diverse communities, including indigenous peoples, farmers, Afro-Colombian groups, and more.

The objective is clear: To combat human inequalities and enrich participatory processes across Colombia’s economic, social, and political spheres.

Rooted in Colombia’s rich tapestry of cultures, the Tejiendo Interculturalidad manual addresses historical injustices that persist in modern society. Despite the passage of time, pervasive social inequalities endure, particularly in rural areas where poverty and malnutrition thrive.

Recognizing the imperative to uplift peasant and ethnic communities, the ICBF asserts its commitment to safeguarding the fundamental rights of all citizens. Through an intercultural lens, the institute endeavors to protect and promote the well-being of vulnerable populations, fostering comprehensive rural reform and equitable development.

Guided by principles of diversity and inclusion, the Tejiendo Interculturalidad manual empowers ethnic and peasant communities to shape their futures. By honoring their wisdom, traditions, and aspirations, the State acknowledges these communities as pivotal agents of progress.

With a focus on family and community strengthening, the manual outlines pathways for inclusive development, emphasizing the rights and dignity of children, adolescents, and families.

Through collaborative efforts and shared vision, Colombia moves towards a future where cultural diversity flourishes, and every individual can thrive.

To learn more:

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Visit the Operational Manual for  Tejiendo Interculturalidad.

ICBF states that observations must be sent to the email [email protected] no later than Wednesday, February 21, 2024.


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