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Peru | Achievements on International Women’s Day

Peru | Achievements on International Women’s Day

The Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP) is dedicated to ensuring equality and non-discrimination between women and men.

As Peru’s entity responsible for designing, establishing, promoting, executing, and monitoring public policies, MIMP also works to reduce violence against women and family members.





In light of International Women’s Day, significant progress has been made in services and interventions related to women’s rights:

Under the auspices of the Ministry’s Deputy Ministry for Women, the National Aurora Program has expanded its coverage.

With over 50% of women experiencing violence in Peru, efforts continue to expand access to specialized and interdisciplinary care for more women, as detailed by MIMP in a press release.

By the end of 2023, the National Aurora Program had added 3 Women’s Emergency Centers (CEMs), 2 Temporary Shelter Homes, and 1 Institutional Care Center.

In rural areas, the Rural Care Service was established in May 2023 to address violence against women, family members, and individuals affected by sexual violence.

A total of 57 Rural Care Services operate nationwide, handling 3419 cases across 84 rural districts and 287 communities in 23 regions and 48 provinces.

Temporary shelter homes, providing protection to women and their children at high risk of violence, hosted a total of 3066 individuals, including women, girls, and boys, in 2023.

Empowerment of Women

Regional networks of women entrepreneurs and businesswomen have been established, fostering multi-stakeholder platforms for the promotion and protection of women’s economic rights.

By 2023, 24 regional governments had formed networks through regional ordinances.

A national strategy for women entrepreneurs aims to achieve economic recovery with equality, inclusion, and sustainability nationwide. By 2023, 1003 entrepreneurs nationwide benefited from this initiative.

Compliance with the Gender Equality Law has led to the creation of officials for equality in public entities (Supreme Decree No. 013-2023-MIMP). As of February 2024, 36 public entities have appointed their Equality Officials.





Expansion of Service Coverage

Efforts are underway to expand service coverage for women, including the approval and coordination of:

The expansion of the National Aurora Program’s service coverage to provide more specialized and interdisciplinary care for women in 2024, with an investment of 4,000,000 soles by the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI).

The National Survey of Social Relations (ENARES) 2024, aimed at assessing changes in social tolerance towards violence against women and family members, with an approximate investment of 23,000,000 soles.

Projects to strengthen MIMP’s leadership in public policies for women’s rights and violence prevention include initiatives such as “Promoting Equality between Men and Women in Public Administration in Peru,” “National Strategy for Preventing Violence-Free Women,” and “Communities for Care: Promoting Equality and Shared Responsibility for Care,” funded by Spanish international cooperation.





9423 Women Obtain Property Titles

Significant progress has been made in economic rights equality, particularly regarding property rights:

COFOPRI reported advancements in the formalization of agrarian property for women engaged in agricultural activities, with 9423 women obtaining property titles in 2023 compared to 2088 in 2022.

Additionally, 41686 titles were registered in women’s names, up from 39220 the previous year.

ANA-MIDAGRI observed an increase in women’s access to water for agricultural use in rural areas, with a male-to-female ratio dropping from 1.7 in 2022 to 1.4 in 2023.

Advancements in training and technical assistance for women in business management, productivity, technological innovation, and internationalization include:

The Ministry of Production conducted 44,318 training and technical assistance sessions, with 11,829 women (26.7%) and 32,489 men (73.3%) participating, indicating an increase from 2022.
International Women’s Day Week:

To mark International Women’s Day, MIMP initiates a series of activities starting on March 4, with the Wonderful Women’s Hands Fair, followed by the “I Am a Minister” event on March 5.

The week includes a discussion on increasing women’s leadership in STEM careers, the installation of the National Women’s Council, and culminates on March 8 with various events, including a women’s football match between Universitario and Alianza Lima SUB 12, emphasizing equality on the field.

These achievements underscore MIMP’s ongoing commitment to building a fair, equal, and violence-free society for all individuals.


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