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Guatemala Recognizes Women’s Crucial Role in National Development

Guatemala Recognizes Women’s Crucial Role in National Development

Guatemala City, March 8, 2024 – President Bernardo Arévalo honored lawyer and former prosecutor against impunity, Virginia Laparra Rivas, alongside 24 other distinguished Guatemalan women, with the Order of Labor Excellence as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations.

Acknowledging Laparra Rivas’ resilience and unwavering dedication to justice, President Arévalo emphasized, “This award doesn’t erase the challenges she faced but signifies her bravery, conviction, and enduring legacy for a fairer Guatemala.”

Highlighting the pivotal role of women like Laparra Rivas, who excel in both public and private sectors, the government awarded the Order of Labor Excellence to 25 outstanding women for their contributions to national development.

The ceremony, held at the National Palace of Culture’s Peace Courtyard, was led by President Arévalo and Vice President Karin Herrera, underscoring the significance of women’s voices in shaping society.






Vice President Herrera stressed the importance of speaking up for justice, referencing Laparra Rivas’ ordeal, where she endured persecution and imprisonment for her principles. “She epitomizes courage and dignity, inspiring others to stand firm against corruption,” Herrera stated.

Speaking about the broader societal impact, Herrera emphasized, “Corruption impedes development; therefore, women like Laparra Rivas pave the way for a more just society.”

Minister of Labor Miriam Roquel paid tribute to the struggles of women worldwide on International Women’s Day, recognizing their fight for equality and fair labor conditions.

Despite representing the majority of the population, Guatemalan women face disparities in labor force participation and leadership roles. Roquel stressed the need for continued efforts to address these inequalities.

Anayanci Velásquez, representing the awardees, affirmed the resilience and versatility of Guatemalan women, stating, “We juggle multiple roles while excelling in our professions, showcasing our strength and determination.”




The Order of Labor Excellence, awarded by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, symbolizes the collective commitment to advancing gender equality and empowering women in Guatemala’s journey toward progress.

With a collective resolve to overcome obstacles, Guatemalan women stand as beacons of resilience, driving positive change across society, declared the Guatemalan president.


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