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Tela | Beach Football Tournament Coming Again!

Beach Football Tournament Coming Again!

Here in Tela, Honduras, locals and many from as far and wide as Brazil to Italy are most excited about the upcoming annual amateur beach football tournament, which is scheduled to start on May 26th 2024. This year, the venture’s location is within the neighborhood of San Alejos – a most beautiful area set between the old port’s Caribbean beaches and a small and mostly disused airport with the luscious mountains creating a stunning backdrop. 



Fabio Feliciano, center, black shirt, white pants, with his 2023 Honduras squad who came 3rd place in the tournament. Image Credit: Ben Anson.



The tournament, (May 27 to June 02) is set to include squads of amateur beach football players from the following Latin American/Caribbean nations: El Salvador, Brazil, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama and reportedly the USA, Canada and perhaps even a European team. 

Its organizer, a retired Italian Series A footballer – Fabio Feliciano, is very eager to commence. 

“It has taken a lot of time and organization, a lot of meetings, sit-downs, coordinating things, arrangements, a lot of money – quite frankly – investments… Um… we’ve got a hotel ready for all the players from all of the international teams – we’ve got their transport ready, we’ve got sponsors – Gatorade is one – for example… What else, Benjamin? Um… I think this year will be even better than last year. We will receive coverage from some local TV channels, which is great. I truly believe in the beach football tournaments because it brings something different to Tela, something healthy and fun for all. Sports are amazing – you can’t beat that friendly competitiveness. It creates a great atmosphere where we can all share together and simply have fun.”



Beach Football Tournament Coming Again! Image Credit: Ben Anson.



“Sun, beach, good mood, and sharing.” Beach Football Tournament Coming Again! Image Credit: Ben Anson.



I stood on the sidelines of the beach football zone, the sand and goals already placed (just missing the sponsorship banners to go around the sides), as Fabio shared those words with me – the other night. 

I firmly agree with Fabio that something like this is indeed precisely what a place like Tela needs and indeed all of Honduras. Sports here are barely financed or supported and yet there is an unquestionable abundance of talent.



Beach Football Tournament Coming Again! Image Credit: Ben Anson.



This is a nation boasting a wealth of footballers, swimmers, volleyball players, basketball players and athletes. Men and women, boys and girls. The beach football tournament, which is – to mention, an extra difficult way of playing football on account of the sand, and played with a lighter version of a football – all players – barefoot, provides aspiring sportsmen from all over the region a chance to come and enjoy these friendly matches whilst taking in the beauty and warmth of a place like Tela. 

The project has been assisted by Tela’s mayor and local government (la alcaldia municipal), CANATURH Tela and the Honduras tourism board. 



Beach Football Tournament Coming Again! Image Credit: Ben Anson.



According to Fabio and his team’s mission statement, the beach football tournament seeks to: “inspire the general population yet in particular the youth to engage in good sportsmanship, community, camaraderie and team spirit, as well as promoting a positive and dynamic image of Tela.”

I, the reporter, will be providing further updates on the tournament. Stay tuned!


Ben Anson | Journalist, Honduras

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