Chile Gender Equity

Breaking Barriers in the Aerospace Industry

Breaking barriers in the aerospace industry: Chile’s Undersecretary Luz Vidal leads the discussion at FIDAE 2024.

Undersecretary Luz Vidal took the stage at FIDAE 2024, the International Air and Space Fair, to steer a crucial conversation on gender equality titled “Flight towards Equality: Overcoming Barriers in the Aerospace Industry.” Published on April 10, 2024, this event aimed not only to spotlight the invaluable contributions of women in this field but also to catalyze their greater involvement across STEM disciplines.

In her address, Undersecretary Luz Vidal underscored the government’s commitment, under President Gabriel Boric’s leadership, to imbue public policies with a robust gender perspective. The focus is on leveling the playing field, particularly in the realm of paid employment, where equal opportunities for women and men are vigorously championed.

She highlighted the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity’s initiatives to enhance women’s economic autonomy, such as forging partnerships with higher education institutions to facilitate preferential access to STEM careers—traditionally male-dominated domains.

Moreover, she stressed the urgent need for aerospace and other pivotal industries to adopt policies that foster greater female representation. Drawing inspiration from Chile’s trailblazing female figures like Margot Duhalde, the country’s first female combat pilot, she celebrated the expanding roles of women in the armed forces, from pilots to technicians, professionals, and leaders.

The panel, featuring luminaries like Monica Rubio Lopez, a prominent astronomer and president of the Chilean Society of Astronomy, and retired Air Force Colonel Pía Salina, delved into the importance of sharing experiences and knowledge to inspire the next generation of female professionals in aerospace. Their collective vision emphasized not just breaking through barriers but also providing tangible pathways for women to excel in this dynamic field.


Soledad Quartucci | CEO/Founder, Latina Republic

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