El Salvador Legislatura 2024-2027

El Salvador: New 60-Member Legislature Installed for 2024-2027 Term

El Salvador: New 60-Member Legislature Installed for 2024-2027 Term

Today marks the commencement of the legislative term for 2024-2027 with the inauguration of a new cohort of 60 deputies. The ceremonial session will unfold in the revamped Blue Hall of the Legislative Palace, where the incoming president of the congress will take their oath, reports Diario El Salvador.

The Legislative Assembly’s deputies for the 2024-2027 period kick off their duties today with the first plenary session, slated for 2:00 p.m. in the renovated Blue Hall. This space has been recently refurbished and reconfigured to accommodate the expanded assembly of 60 seats.

Ernesto Castro, the outgoing legislative president, shared that the installation session was meticulously planned by the preparatory commission, comprising elected deputies, as mandated by decree 756 enacted in October 2005. Castro outlined that the commission will oversee the session, receive nominations for the board of directors, and administer the oath to the president and other parliamentary members.

This inaugural meeting will convene the full plenary, consisting of 60 primary deputies and an equal number of alternates, as per legislative decree reforms passed in June 2023. The agenda will include establishing the installation commission, tasked with verifying credentials, and forming the board of directors and working committees.





Castro also proposed streamlining the committee structure from 20 to eight, and reducing the board from eight to six members. Following appointments, the president of the congress and other legislators will be sworn in, officially inaugurating the new Legislative Assembly. Subsequently, a decree will be issued and sent for publication in the Official Gazette, marking the commencement of the new legislative term.


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