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MinAgricultura’s Exceptional Measures for Livestock Care

MinAgricultura announces exceptional measures for the care of production animals in response to the climate emergency in Caregato, reports the Ministry of Agriculture of Colombia.

Minister Jhenifer Mojica and the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) have initiated joint efforts to assist livestock in the affected area. These efforts involve evacuation routes based on animal species.

On May 8th, Minister Mojica and ICA Manager Juan Fernando Roa unveiled special measures to aid in evacuating production animals near the Caregato dike in La Mojana.

“We have already adopted exceptional measures for the mobilization of livestock in the flooding zone at Caregato. We have instructed the regional offices in La Mojana to provide appropriate support,” Minister Mojica said.

Areas affected by the Cauca River overflow reported these animal and property inventories:

Majagual: records of 165 properties and a total of 9,270 animals.

Guarandá: records of 146 properties, with 9,951 animals.

San Benito: Is the most affected municipality as the water level rises, accumulates, and serves as a buffer for the waters of the Cauca and San Jorge rivers.

Based on these records, the relief package is divided into three blocks to ensure effective deployment and support from the ICA in this region:

A. Exceptional measures for the mobilization of production and work animals.

Farmers, producers, and marketers moving animals to temporary shelters received priority processing. Coordination with local authorities identified villages needing preventive evacuation.

B. Technical support in disaster management.

Assistance involved defining evacuation routes for animals and identifying safe areas for producers. Additionally, it included guidance at Unified Command Posts (PMU) and assisting authorities in disposing of animal carcasses.

C. Coordination, technical support, and cooperation in evacuation and disaster risk management.

The Ministry of Agriculture is delivering technical aid to move vulnerable animals during this crisis. MinAgricultura, the ICA, and related entities are working to safeguard rural communities and their livestock along the Caregato riverbanks, as announced by the Ministry.


Soledad Quartucci | CEO/Founder, Latina Republic

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