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Over 30,000 Guatemalans Benefit from Initial Six Mobile Service Days

Over 30,000 Guatemalans Benefit from Initial Six Mobile Service Days, as reported by AGN.

The seventh mobile service day will take place in the municipality of Livingston, Izabal, from June 11 to 14.

According to Guatelama’s AGN,  from January to May, the Executive Coordination Secretariat of the Presidency (SCEP) coordinated six mobile integrated service days, benefiting 31,729 people, including 15,294 women and 16,435 men.





In an official statement, SCEP reported:

“Through these mobile service days, public services are temporarily brought to different populations across the country, primarily in rural areas. This fulfills the Executive Branch’s decentralization strategies.”

Inter-institutional coordination is fundamental to bringing services to the population. Thus, participation included departmental governments, municipalities, and both public and private institutions.

Mobile Service Days

The mobile service days have been held in:

  • Esquipulas Palo Gordo, San Marcos
  • Cunén, Quiché
  • San Sebastián, Retalhuleu
  • Las Cruces and Poptún, Petén
  • San Pedro Necta, Huehuetenango


The seventh mobile service day is scheduled to take place in the municipality of Livingston, Izabal, from June 11 to 14.





Services Provided

Citizens attending these mobile integrated service days have benefited from various procedures and services:


  • Issuance and renewal of driver’s licenses
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage and death registrations
  • Personal identification documents (DPI)
  • Police clearances
  • Tax services
  • Immigration and migration control services
  • General medical services




Additionally, information kiosks provide details on Social Bonus programs, scholarships, Senior Citizen programs, road safety education, preventive public safety measures, environmental issues, agricultural services, tax information, tourism, technical careers, entrepreneurship, and consumer rights and obligations.

These actions are part of the decentralization strategies promoted by SCEP, aimed at temporarily bringing essential services to the rural population.


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