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President Nayib Bukele on Deaths of Salvadoran Migrants

President Nayib Bukele meets with his Security Cabinet to assess results of the Plan to Reclaim Territorial Control against organized crime. Foto cortesia: Presidencia de ….

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A New Era – Meet Carlos Calleja, the Trailblazing Presidential Candidate of El Salvador that is Reenergizing Hope

Carlos Calleja-Presidential Candidate of El Salvador. Photo: Carlos Calleja Official Page.  Carlos Calleja Meet Carlos Calleja, Presidential Candidate for El Salvador, 2019.  “I am ….

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US Officials Warn El Salvador of Negotiating Ports and Island with China

Puerto  Union–Union Port in El Salvador.  A costly project that failed to attract international concessions. Built-in 2010 by President Mauricio Funes the port and nearby ….

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Jails Turned into Classrooms-How El Salvador rehabilitates MS-13 and Barrio 18 gangs through the program, I Change.

Until not long ago, they were enemies. But today, ex-gang members of Barrio 18 and Mara Salvatrucha coexist in a prison on the east region ….

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Salvadorans in Los Angeles Purchase Homes in El Salvador thanks to credit program; Women Buyers on the Rise.

Salvadorans who reside abroad, especially those living in the U.S. have expressed a great interest in acquiring their own homes in El Salvador, according to ….

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Central American leaders Meet to Plan Reunification of Separated Families and Campaign to Warn Migrants of the Dangers of Violating US Immigration Laws

This meeting followed a series of commitments assumed by the Presidents of the Republics of Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras resulting from the official ….

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“You Cannot Separate me from My Children!”A Mother & Father Detail Separation from Their Children at the Border

Photo credit: Associated Press. A migrant father and child, who traveled with the annual caravan of Central American migrants, rest waiting for access to request asylum ….

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