Central American NGO Alliance Program

Latina Republic seeks to provide support and resources so that the humanitarian projects of the organizations with whom we partner can obtain long-term sustainability and become impactful over time.

Latina Republic carries out a rigorous selection of NGOs and projects that advance human rights. Once selected, organizations submit applications for grant agreements through which they detail their projects and provide various documentation and plans for their annual goals.

Latina Republic is a California-based nonprofit organization formed to operate exclusively for charitable purposes in support of local NGOs qualified to operate in Central and South America. Through donations, gifts and grants, Latina Republic seeks to provide funding to promising organizations and impactful projects that are based in the region. Our work is accomplished through partnerships, grant agreements and story advocacy.

In Latin America, we maintain a grantmaking relationship with awarded NGOs to support the work carried out by staff and volunteers who work for the NGOs as agents of the NGOs. Latina Republic has identified visionary NGO’s that are succeeding against all odds. It is the work of these valiant organizations that Latina Republic seeks to bring to light and to help support.

We invite you to donate to help these heroic groups transform their communities. 100% of your donations will go towards the transformative work of the NGO’s and community projects we support:

FUSSDIM | El Salvador
Multiple Disability Rights Foundation: In El Salvador, the complexity of treatment required for children and adults living with multiple disabilities causes those living with multiple disabilities to be excluded from public schools, the workplace and other public sites. To make matters more difficult, El Salvador does not provide disability benefits to the families caring for children with disabilities, which stresses families emotionally, financially and medically.
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ASOGEN | Guatemala
ASOGEN, The Association of Women Generating Change, Guatemala, represents 400 criminal cases annually in crimes of violence against women; ASOGEN is an organization that advocates on behalf of the defense of women’s rights in the department of Chimaltenango in Guatemala. They work to end forced motherhood for adolescents, seek justice in feminicide courts by accompanying family member survivors of the victim, and empower and shelter women on the road to healing and self-reliance.
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