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I have a professional background as a university writing center manager, scholarship coach and writing mentor. I have coached hundreds of students on writing personal statements for funding, study abroad, graduate school admission and university entry. I am detail-oriented, provide line by line feedback, big picture guidance, and help you write polished, memorable statements to help you secure funding and entry into the schools  and programs of your dreams.

Expertise: Provide detailed, personalized advising for prestigious scholarships.

My coaching services have included: Fulbright applications, a project-based scholarship for one academic year of specialized study, independent research, or creative arts project abroad for scholarships are available in 140 countries. The award was established by Congress after World War II to promote international understanding. Awards are also available to teach English overseas.  I have also coached students on writing statements  for the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program which funds graduate education in any major at Stanford University; the Soros  fellowship, funding two years of graduate study in any field for immigrants or the children of immigrants; and the Schwarzman Scholars program, which funds one year of study in a leadership development curriculum at Tsinghua University in Beijing, one of China’s most prestigious universities.

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Millenial Mentor

Millenials are my passion. I have mentored hundreds of students over the years. I am a professor, writing center manager, study skills expert, learning skills counselor, international, minority and first-gen mentor, and scholarship coach.

Expertise: First-year College Success-Learning and Study Skills Coach, Millenial Mentor for underrepresented students in college.

My passion is to help college students navigate school, work, family issues and life. This is my calling.

Whether you are a first gen student, a student of color, an international student, a student struggling with study and time management, feeling lonely or out of place in a new school, or seeking challenge and to expand a social network, figure out your own path, I am here to help you navigate  these challenges and find the  path that is true to you.

Many students make it to college, but are embarrassed to admit that they don’t know how to read a textbook, what to do during lectures, how to take notes, how to prep for exams, how to work with faculty, take advantage of university resources or write an essay, research project, or manage their time.

The truth is that students who begin their first year of college with weak study skills, face numerous struggles, including low grades, loss of financial aid, and the risk of   dropping out.

This is Preventable. These skills are not intuitive and with the right coaching, they can be learned and mastered.

As a professor, learning skills counselor, study skills expert, international and first gen mentor, I have coached and empowered millennials to navigate the challenging but exciting waters of adulting, moving to new places and embarking on an educational and career path.

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My story: As an immigrant from Argentina, I arrived in the US as a young woman. I had married a US Marine at the tender age of 18. My first home in the US took me to the teeny town of Albany, Georgia. Our marriage did not work out and when things fell apart, I found myself alone with two little children, without family support,  education,  money or a clear path. This could have been devastating, or the reinvention story of a lifetime. I decided to beat the odds. I enrolled in community college as an adult, reentry student and seized the opportunities that each day presented. Through effort, passion, resilience and zest for life, I “made it.” I survived single-parenting, studying full time, working and dating. From the community college days to the PhD, I learned numerous lessons and developed survivor skills that I want to share with single-parents trying to survive the day. There is nothing easy about this circumstance, but it can also be a tremendously rewarding set of years. Single-parents in college need a lot of love and support.  I know what it’s like. I would like to offer my support.

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When setting goals or taking on challenging courses, getting through difficult moments or getting through each day with a far off goal in mind, we can all benefit from a consistent mentor’s encouragement, someone positive, empathetic, and visionary who will keep us on task, listen and provide guidance. Most of us have a special someone, a go to person who listens to us when we face challenges. Sometimes we don’t have that person but we would like the consistent guidance of a wise mentor. The right coach can provide weekly motivation and accountability to help us stay focused and accountable to our dreams.  My years of mentorship have prepared me well to listen, empathize, energize and provide positive feedback to get us through the ups and downs of long term goals to achieve success.

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Career change is a part of life. Yet, when making a decision to change paths, you may face a few challenges including: self-doubt, fears, and backlash. You may also be challenged by prospective employers who may see your c.v. as evidence that you are “someone else.” Selling yourself to employers in new industries can be challenging, but it is certainly doable and can lead to exciting professional and personal growth.

As you transition into new employment, you will  need support. Entering a new work culture is like learning to speak a new language. Work styles, approach to projects, working in teams and leading projects will require adaptability, maturity and learning to read a new environment well.

As your career transition coach, we can talk about exiting your career, prepping and interviewing for a new one, surviving the first 3 months and establishing yourself as a collaborative leader in the months to come. In today’s day, many of us have jobs and have entrepreneurial projects, run our own companies and try to juggle it all. Personal growth and profitable endeavors are possible and worth aiming for.

Expertise: I worked in academia as a professor, writing center manager, writing specialist, learning and study skills counselor and scholarship coach. I transitioned out of academia into entrepreneurship. I am a published author, a coach, mentor, translator, and a realtor. I have worked in nonprofit, corporate America, worked for myself and volunteered. Each experience built my character, my tool kit of traits, my work ethic and has made me stronger. I can share what I have learned with you and help you reach for the stars.

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