Latina Republic is a California-based nonprofit organization formed to operate exclusively for charitable purposes in support of local NGOs qualified to operate in Central and South America. Through donations, gifts and grants, Latina Republic seeks to provide funding to promising organizations and impactful projects that are based in the region. Our work is accomplished through partnerships, grant agreements and story advocacy.

A little help goes a long way.

We invite you to donate to help these heroic groups transform their communities. 100% of your donations will go towards the transformative work of the NGO’s and community projects we support:



If you’d like to designate your donation, please just mention any of the following in the Leave a Comment box:

  • Krispy Kreme Fundraiser
  • ¡Adelante! Virtual Tutoring Program
  • ASOGEN | Guatemala
  • FUSSDIM | El Salvador
  • Future Journalist Program
  • Keyboards for Kids
  • Voces Program
  • General Donation | Leave Blank for LR to Determine Where Most Needed


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