Family Resource Specialist Internship

Internship Opportunity

Role: Family Resource Specialist

Duration: Part-time, renewable

We are looking for Family Resource Specialists to join us as part of an internship with Latina Republic. We are a nonprofit organization with a dual mission: we support NGOs doing heroic work in Central and South America and we empower Latino families in the United States. Immigrant families are being disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. Latina Republic is committed to being part of the solution. Our domestic vision is focused on dismantling public charge narratives through specific programming, outreach and resources. Latina Republic develops prevention programs that enhance informational and empowerment services. We collaborate with allies to decrease barriers to services and increase access to existing ones.

As a Family Resource Specialist, you will contribute to the design of a comprehensive virtual library of resources to educate and empower Latinos. Our community is affected by a wide gap in information creating significant financial capability gaps, and little civic engagement. Lack of information places Latino families with children at a great disadvantage. In this role, you will also participate in outreach initiatives to connect resources to immigrant communities who need them.

Currently, Latina Republic is conducting a survey to assess immigrant family needs resulting from COVID-19. Latina Republic will design innovative digital resources for Latino families and deliver a wide range of virtual and in-person presentations in Spanish and English.  We will research, develop and deliver digital and in person workshops on Economic Empowerment, Health, Immigrant Integration, Civic Engagement and Education. Included in our virtual outreach will be guidance for parents or guardians of first-generation students within the areas of academic achievement, college awareness, readiness and academic life skills; resources for college and career readiness and family engagement and education, social and support services for families and their children. We will also design virtual resources for Family Support, Domestic Violence Intervention Services; ESL; Parenting Classes; Family Activities; After School Programs; Health insurance Assistance; and New Mom/Dad; Teen Mom/Dad among other topics. Our goal is to bring valuable, bilingual information to the community and disrupt generational poverty patterns that have been augmented by the impact of COVID-19.

We seek to work in partnership with school districts, colleges, universities, churches, community centers and other organizations.

Given the work demands of Latino families, we believe that virtual videos, workshops and presentations can help empower the community through an accessible medium they can access with ease to strategize a recovery after Covid-19.

The ideal candidate is passionate about immigrant rights, enjoys research and enjoys designing virtual presentation, including Workshops, Webinars, YouTubes, Videos, PowerPoints, activities and accompanying handouts for virtual training and facilitation sessions focused on educating, empowering and informing Latinx families. In this position you will learn first hand of the challenges facing immigrant families, the type of information that is most useful, how to connect resources to communities in need and how to partner with advocates working with shared goals.


Health and Self Esteem

Self-love & Health

  • Themes could include natural hair, body shapes, social media influence, physical health and wellness, nutrition
  • Healthy relationships
  • Healing and preventing domestic violence
  • Healthy Diet and Habits
  • Nutrition & Food Security
  • Teen pregnancy prevention
  • Mental health services
  • Promoting cultural appreciation


Youth, Teen, College

  • Leading from your Truest Latinx Self
  • Navigating College Life as a Latinx
  • Building Inclusive Programming on Campus
  • Supporting Latinx Students on our Campuses
  • Empowering Latino families to become advocates for their children’s education
  • The Power of Parent Involvement
  • Academic achievement in Latinx youth
  • College & Career Readiness

Immigrant Integration

Immigrant Community Empowerment

  • Strategies for improving the lives of newly arrived immigrants
  • Assisting immigrants and their families to participate in society
  • Supporting and promoting holistic immigrant integration
  • Understanding U.S. Society, rights, laws, social services
  • Listening and learning from the experience of immigrants
  • Promoting leadership in the Latino community
  • Creating neighborhood revitalization
  • Leadership, decision-making, conflict resolution in Latinx neighborhoods
  • Civic Engagement

Family Support

  • Empowering families through resource allocation
  • The importance of recreational programs in youth
  • Building school-family community partnerships
  • Family literacy & ESL
  • Latinx Fatherhood & Motherhood
  • Family Activities
  • After School Programs
  • Understanding Social Services


  • Economic Empowerment
  • Enterprise
  • Launching your own business
  • Understanding banking, credit, loans, rental agreements

The audience includes:

  • Latinx Undergraduate Students
  • Higher Education Professionals
  • Schools, Universities
  • Latinx parents
  • Advocacy, Community Organizations, Churches& NGO groups

Type of Virtual Workshops

  • Research Based
  • Experiential Based
  • Narration Based
  • Interactive
  • Raising Awareness


Preferred Skills and Experience: Fluency in Spanish, passionate about immigration advocacy, passionate about Latinos in the United States, a humanitarian and compassionate heart.

Submit a resume, letter of recommendation, a cover letter expressing your area of interest and ideas for designing presentations and how you would connect your resources with immigrant communities in need.

Kindly submit your materials to: [email protected]

This is a remote-based virtual internship for 10-15 hours per week, depending on the student’s responsibilities and interest.

The internship is unpaid but holds rich and valuable learning experiences.

Our student interns will serve as fully functional members of Latina Republic. Dr. Quartucci and members of the board will personally assist and guide the intern in meeting his/her professional goals and the learning objectives of the internship. We will communicate and train weekly via Zoom, cellphone, and email, google drive, g-chat.

Prior to the start of the internship, the Family Resource Specialist will identify 4-6 learning goals to be completed during the course of the internship. We will meet with our interns at the beginning of the internship to develop a plan to reach established goals. We will check in regularly throughout the internship to ensure the intern is on track to meet these goals. We will welcome our student interns with an open heart and provide them with thorough onboarding, orientation, and regular mentorship.

We look forward to your application!