Future Journalist Program

Latin American Correspondent Internship

Our Latin American Correspondents investigate, report on and conduct original interviews with NGOs, leaders, community members and government officials across Latin America. They report on untold stories, highlight the uniqueness of each country in the region, and generate global knowledge of the Latin American experience.

To celebrate Latin America, our journalists do more than report on problems. We believe that journalism can be impactful when alongside the problems, we report how people are solving them. Our correspondents contribute new narratives of Latin America. Ones that highlight contributions, heritage, history and innovation and integrate local solutions to the betterment of the region.

Ideal applicants speak Spanish and/or Portuguese, since the work includes conducting interviews, transcription and working with local primary sources.

Correspondents work on average 10 hours per week. Your duties will include keeping us updated on the latest news in your region of study, writing weekly news updates on those countries and conducting original interviews for more in-depth pieces.

In your cover letter, please select your top 3 regions of interest you’d like to cover as a Latin American Correspondent and tell us why:

  1. Mexico
  2. Caribbean Islands, including Cuba, Haiti, Rep. Dominicana
  3. Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador
  4. Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Panama
  5. Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador
  6. Peru, Brazil, Guyanas, Bolivia
  7. Argentina, Chile, Paraguay & Uruguay

Submit a resume, a cover letter describing your interest in the internship, and a writing sample.

To apply, please email your materials to: [email protected]

This is a remote-based position that works as a virtual internship with a time range of 10 hours per week. We work with universities for university credit.