Immigration Writer – Internship

Internship Opportunity

Role: Immigration Writer 

We are looking for Immigration Writers to join us as part of an internship with Latina Republic. We are a nonprofit organization with a dual mission: we support NGOs doing heroic work in Central and South America and we empower Latino families in the United States.

Your stories will deepen the understanding of how immigrants are changing the United States. Through interviews, research and reports you will raise awareness of immigrant contributions to the United States. Your assignments may include news analysis, investigative projects, explanatory pieces, and original interviews. It will also include updates on DACA and TPS. You must have a passion, interest and knowledge of issues related to Hispanic life in the United States, specifically about the unique and common challenges that immigrants face in this country in the East Coast, South, Midwest, and West Coast. As an immigration writer for Latina Republic you will delve into immigration policy, explain the debates at the federal level, and engage with the main organizations that advocate for immigrants in the United States.

As an Immigration Writer you will also find underreported and original stories of everyday Latinos in the United States. Writing about current immigration legislation and policy is important, but we are also interested in compelling stories of immigrant resilience, contribution, and heart. We believe that reporting on problems is crucial, of course—but that impact is magnified if alongside the problems, we report on how people are solving them. These stories can change the tone of public discourse, making it less divisive and more constructive. We want to contribute a new narrative of Latinos in the United States, one that highlights contributions, inspires a reduction of prejudice, and integrates solutions in the immigration debate.

Preferred Skills and Experience: Fluency in Spanish, passionate about immigration advocacy, passionate about Latinos in the United States, strong storytelling abilities, a humanitarian and compassionate heart, strong interview and writing skills. Enjoy working independently and as a collaborative member of a team.

Submit a resume, letter of recommendation, writing sample and a cover letter describing your interest in this position.

Kindly submit your materials to: [email protected]

This is a remote-based position that works as a renewable virtual internship with a time range of 10 hours per week, depending on the candidate’s responsibilities and interest.

The internship is unpaid but holds rich and valuable learning experiences. It is renewable for interested candidates who are thriving, enjoying the opportunity and whose program of study and professional path closely aligns with Latina Republic’s mission.

Our interns will serve as fully functional members of Latina Republic, with access to assignments, coaching, and resources requisite to the preparation of professionals. Dr. Quartucci and members of the board will personally assist and guide the intern in meeting his/her professional goals and the learning objectives of the internship. We will communicate and train weekly via Zoom, cellphone, and email.

Prior to the start of the internship, Immigration Writer Interns will identify 4-6 learning goals to be completed during the course of the internship. We will meet with our writers at the beginning of the internship to develop a plan to reach established goals. We will check in regularly throughout the internship to ensure the intern is on track to meet these goals. We will welcome our student interns with an open heart and provide them with thorough onboarding, orientation, and regular mentorship.

Our Immigration Writers will work closely with the board of directors and will learn about the organization as well as participate in our monthly meetings and all aspects of it. We will provide timely feedback and engage in direct mentorship with the student regarding their progress towards learning outcomes and areas of professional development. We are excited about this opportunity and committed to ensuring that our Immigration Writers really benefit, grow, enjoy the opportunity, and find inspiration through the stories they will tell.