Immigration Writer – Internship

Internship Opportunity

Role: Immigration Writer 

We are looking for Immigration Writers to join us as part of an internship with Latina Republic.

Latina Republic, a 501(C)3 California-based nonprofit organization. We are a research and advocacy organization advancing human rights in the Americas. With a new president in the White House, we are really interested in reporting on the Biden administration’s steps to improve America’s immigration system, welcome immigrants in our communities, reassert America’s commitment to asylum-seekers and refugees and tackle the root causes of irregular migration. Changes are happening fast, and we are looking for interns interested in following closely and reporting on the immigration reforms proposed and enacted as they unfold.

Through interviews, research and reports our immigration writers raise awareness of immigrant experiences, challenges, victories and contributions to the United States. Their assignments include news analysis, investigative projects, explanatory pieces, and original interviews with advocacy groups, NGOS and human rights leaders.

Our writers update us on DACA, TPS, detention, and immigrant children. They have a passion, interest and knowledge of issues related to the immigrant experience in the United States, specifically about the unique and common challenges they face in this country in the East Coast, South, Midwest, and West Coast. Our Immigration Writers delve into immigration policy, explain the debates at the federal level, and engage with the varied organizations that advocate for immigrants in the United States.

Our interns find underreported and original stories of everyday Latinxs in the United States. They record the experiences of immigrant groups in the United States, especially, underreported groups, including refugees. We believe that reporting on problems is crucial—but that impact is magnified if alongside the problems, we report on how people are solving them.

These stories can change the tone of public discourse, making it less divisive and more constructive. Our immigration writers contribute a new narrative of Latinxs in the United States, one that highlights contributions, inspires a reduction of prejudice, and integrates solutions in the immigration debate.

Interns work on average, 10 hours a week and receive consistent feedback from the CEO, a PhD Oral Historian with a background in instruction across the curriculum and writing center management. Our internship is designed to improve students’ abilities to research, synthesize, translate, interview, present and develop expertise in immigration and human rights matters.

Through a competitive process, Latina Republic selects outstanding university students to train and mentor with our organization to work in the role of Immigration Writers. In this challenging position, correspondents develop a series of important skills, like researching, networking, and interviewing leaders, advocates and immigrants living and working in the United States.  The most important quality that they possess and cannot be taught, is a true passion and heart for understanding the immigrant experience in the U.S.

Through its reporting, Latina Republic seeks to raise the public’s awareness around issues facing underrepresented immigrant communities in the United States. Our internships provide workforce training and hands-on experience to college-aged young adults interested in beginning a career in journalism, communication and media, as well as nonprofit work. In addition, interns produce a professional portfolio of published works.

The Immigration Writer internship is part of our  Future Journalist program, intended to bring those who train with us, valuable experience and growth in understanding, connecting and contributing to human rights throughout the U.S. and Latin America. Latina Republic encourages Latinx women, people of color, refugees, and DACA recipients that have been historically underrepresented in the field of journalism to apply. We believe that diversity of stories and of storytellers must be protected and amplified. 

To Apply:

Submit a resume, letter of recommendation, writing sample and a cover letter describing your interest in this position.

Kindly submit your materials to: [email protected]

This is a remote-based position with a time range of 10 hours per week. Check out our alumni’s testimonials for this position on our website.