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Role: Latin American Correspondent

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Latina Republic seeks student interns to serve as Latin American Correspondents. The ideal candidate is interested in Latin America, human rights, and NGO’s operating in the region. They have a passion for storytelling, an interest in establishing relationships with local NGO’s and speak, read and write in Spanish and/or Portuguese or Creole. The interns will gain expertise in specific social problems in the region, network, interview, write articles and reports and participate as an integral member of a nonprofit on the rise, Latina Republic. This is an excellent opportunity for students with a passion for advocacy, a heart for helping people in Latin America and who may be considering launching a nonprofit or working as a Latin American journalist, writer or international development in the region.

This is a remote-based position that works as a virtual internship with a time range of 10-15 hours per week, depending on the student’s responsibilities, choice, and desire to take on a variety of projects.

The internship is unpaid but holds rich and valuable learning experiences. The duration is for the school term, but it is renewable.

Our student interns will serve as fully functional members of Latina Republic, with access to assignments, coaching and resources requisite to the preparation of professionals. Dr. Quartucci and members of the board will personally assist and guide the intern in meeting his/her professional goals and the learning objectives of the internship. We will communicate and train weekly via Zoom, cellphone and email.

Prior to the start of the internship, students will identify 4-6 learning goals, skills and knowledge they seek to acquire during the internship. We will meet with our correspondent at the beginning of the internship to develop a plan and meet weekly to support the intern’s goals. Latin American Correspondents will be welcome with an open heart and will be provided with thorough onboarding, orientation, training, mentoring and timely feedback.

Our Latin American Correspondents will work closely with the Board of Directors and will learn about the organization as well as participate in our monthly meetings and all aspects of our work. We will provide timely feedback and engage in direct mentorship with the student regarding their progress towards learning outcomes and areas of professional development. We are excited about this opportunity and committed to ensuring that our Latin American correspondents will really enjoy and find inspiration through this opportunity.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Have a passion for Latin America and its people
  • Speak, Read, Write in Spanish or Portuguese or Creole
  • Have a passion for advancing human rights & working for, or founding an NGO
  • Believe that storytelling for advocacy is a powerful tool
  • Have an interest in developing in-depth knowledge of contemporary human rights in their countries of choice (see below for regions).
  • Have an interest in being mentored and being part of a nonprofit on the rise

Who we Are:

Latina Republic is a California-based nonprofit organization that partners with local NGOs qualified to operate in Central and South America. In recent years, the United States has received asylum requests from unprecedented numbers of migrants traveling from a region known as the Northern Triangle-comprised of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras; a region affected by lack of economic opportunity, poverty, unequal access to health care and education, and where few protections for women exist.

While thousands of migrants have fled the region for the United States, many regional leaders have stayed, launching NGOs dedicated to rehabilitating Latin-American communities and focused on strengthening human rights and opportunity. Latina Republic believes that is through these brave, local NGOs and resilient entrepreneurs that the answer to development in the region lies.

We believe it is important to bring their stories to light and to seek grant support so they can continue their work.

Through our research and storytelling forum, we have identified, interviewed and partnered with organizations working to end gender violence, promote disability rights, develop after school programs and expand educational access.

Latina Republic sees grant-making as a powerful development strategy that can help fill the void.

Our organizational culture also believes strongly in the power of storytelling advocacy to humanize the challenges in Latin America.

What stories and heroic NGO’s will you uncover?

Latin American Correspondents-How to apply?

As a Latin American Correspondent, you will be on the lookout for compelling stories in your assigned regions. You will identify news stories in local newspapers, research local NGO’s and people who have a unique story to tell.

When applying for the internships, please select the region of your choice:

Region 1: Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela

Region 2: Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá

Region 3: Perú, Brasil, Bolivia

Region 4: Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay

Region 5: México, República Dominicana, Haití and Caribeña Islands

Region 6: Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador

Once onboard, you will produce an article every 1-2 weeks, depending on the type of story you write:

  • You can write a curated article inspired by a compelling issue. You would collect newspaper views on a key topic, add your own commentary, and augment curated content with useful visuals, such as photographs, and videos.
  • You could create a Q & A with your storyteller
  • You could interview your storyteller and create a testimonial based on their responses.
  • You may conduct original interviews with NGO leaders, government personalities, everyday people with a story to tell.
  • Mode for interviews: Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype.

Latina Republic is interested in funding promising organizations and projects that are based in the region. Our work is accomplished through partnerships, grant agreements and story advocacy.

Latin American Correspondents will receive full training by the Executive Director, Soledad Quartucci, Ph.D., an oral historian, professor across the curriculum, with writing center management experience. We will meet weekly (virtually) to discuss strategies for familiarizing yourself with the state of the countries, the government structure, human rights issues, top newspapers, community leaders and receive training in synthesizing news, creating a powerful story and techniques for contacting and connecting with locals and conducting interviews.

What you will gain:

  • The act of diving in and reading local Latin American news, writing about them, and interviewing locals, will provide you with in-depth knowledge of socio, economic and political happenings in the region.
  • You will develop knowledge of the country, storytelling and research skills
  • You will make networking connections in your region of interest
  • You will gain visibility for you work. Latina Republic is a new nonprofit organization with a growing readership, reaching about 1000 readers per month.
  • You will also develop Spanish to English translation, transcribing skills, report writing skills, and a portfolio of stories to call your own.
  • Your work will connect you with NGOs, local leaders, and could serve as inspiration for learning clusters and capstone projects.
  • Latina Republic’s Executive Director will write a letter of recommendation upon completion of the internship.

The internship is unpaid but holds invaluable learning, networking and exposure experience.

Please submit the following when applying:

Email Executive Director, Soledad Quartucci at: [email protected]

Include the following:

  1. Why do you wish to participate in this internship? How does it connect to your interests, humanitarian outlook, and passion for the region?
  2. What is your connection to Latin America?
  3. What region do you want to focus on and why?
  4. Do you speak, read and write in Spanish, Portuguese or French?
  5. How comfortable are you reading Spanish newspapers and how comfortable would you feel interviewing locals via social media?
  6. Do you enjoy researching, writing, talking to people you don’t know?
  7. What do you hope to learn? In your opinion, what are the most urgent social problems in Latin America?

Please include a letter of recommendation, your resume and a cover letter addressing the questions above.

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