Mission & Focus

Domestically, Latina Republic advocates, reports, and distributes empowerment resources that positively impact immigrant families in Orange County, California. As an ethnic press, and California NGO we use our news coverage and social media channels as platforms to lift immigrant voices. We are committed to improving the state of our community by providing local families with vital resources and training that directly counter public charge stereotypes and strengthen the health of the family.

Latina Republic believes that immigrants will become protagonists in the recovery story of the post-COVID- 19 US, and emerge a resilient and impactful group of society. To get there, Latina Republic will empower Orange County families through our Responsible Fatherhood Initiative and Immigration Integration curricula.

Responsible Fatherhood Initiative

Latina Republic seeks to provide bilingual and culturally appropriate, responsible fatherhood activities, resources and information. Our goals are to help community fathers improve relationships with spouses, significant others, and the mothers of their children to become stronger parents. Through evidence-based curricula, individualized case management and community partnerships we provide fathers with an economic, educational, relational and professional path to increase their opportunities to be prosperous and stable. Our fatherhood initiative will address the emotional, social and economic consequences of father absence and promote father presence, engagement and financial well-being for themselves and for their children. At the core, Latina Republic seeks to reduce poverty and promote family health through father engagement in Orange County, California.

Latina Republic’s fatherhood programs will include curricula-based instruction on parenting, co-parenting, communication and emotions, economic development skills, and case management. Specifically, topics will include fathering, child development, healthy relationship skills, and economic stabilization assistance. To address issues related to positive father engagement and coparenting relationships, curriculum-based parenting education will be inspired by the 24/7 Dad® responsible fatherhood curricula.

Immigration Integration Curricula

These workshops will support immigrant integration. We believe that strongly integrated and empowered immigrants build stronger families and economies.

  • Immigrant Family Integration
  • Citizenship, Path to Citizenship, DACA, Vital Rights and Responsibilities
  • ESL training, understanding US society, pursuing education
  • Economy, successful business and financial practices to promote the inclusion and rise of Immigrant businesses
  • Financial Literacy, bilingual resources for creating healthy financial habits that include, how to save, how to work with a budget, how to avoid debt, understanding credit cards and loans, and saving wisely. The goal is to build confidence in our community’s financial decision-making through practices that stimulate financial independence and the advancement of our community

Family Empowerment through Higher-Ed Access for Everyone: Career advancement is propelled by Higher Education, ESL, Adult Education, Certifications, Vocational School, Community College and University Studies. There is a lack of information regarding returning to school processes, and application to educational and career institutions. We seek to dispel stereotypes and fears surrounding career advancement and learning and, ageism and immigration status as a preventive factor for learning. We bring this information to the families because it is never too late to reach for your dreams and transform your family’s economic life.