Latina Republic is a California-based public charity corporation formed to operate exclusively for charitable purposes in support of local NGOs qualified to operate in Central and South America. Latina Republic is interested in funding promising organizations and projects that are based in the region. Our goal is to advance charitable goals in Central and South America.

Domestically, our mission focuses on empowering Latinos in California through outreach programs and workshops that are informative and geared toward affluence and community health through Small Business Workshops, Community Outreach and Financial Workshops designed to turn Latino immigrants into affluent members of US society.

In Latin America, our work is carried out through partnerships and based on collaborative efforts through grant agreements. We maintain a grantmaking relationship with awarded NGOs to support the work carried out by staff and volunteers who work for the NGOs as agents of the NGOs (not of Latina Republic).

The beneficiaries are deteriorating communities in Central and South America hurdled by food insecurity, lack of employment, environmental conditions affecting livelihood, human rights violations, gender, education and health inequality. We will partner to create sustainable solutions that strengthen the region.

In recent years, the United States has received asylum requests from unprecedented numbers of migrants traveling from a region known as the Northern Triangle-comprised of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras; a region affected by lack of economic opportunity, poverty, unequal access to health care and education, and where few protections for women exist. The U.S. government has responded to the rise in migration patterns, by alternating policies from enforcement, detainment, sanctions, to considerations of foreign aid.

While thousands of migrants have fled the region for the United States, many regional leaders have stayed, launching NGOs dedicated to rehabilitating Latin-American communities and focused on strengthening human rights and opportunity.

Latina Republic believes that is through these brave, local NGOs and resilient entrepreneurs that the answer to development in the region lies.

Since 2015, Latina Republic has conducted extensive research and built on-the-ground relations with Central and South American NGOs, community leaders, and rising entrepreneurs.

Through oral histories with local leaders, Latina Republic has identified visionary NGO’s and creative entrepreneurs that are succeeding against all odds. It is the work of these valiant organizations that Latina Republic seeks to bring to light and to help support.


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