Food Donations for Seniors in La Pirraya, San Sebastian and Rancho Viejo, El Salvador

A bag of food: $10 feeds a Senior family for 2 weeks:

Please join us in our efforts to sustain the food needs of 3 senior populations in the Islands of San Sebastian, La Pirraya and Rancho Viejo. The islands are home to 3 fishing communities that moved to the islands during El Salvador’s civil war seeking a safe space to rebuild their lives. The islands are led by democratically elected leaders. Each leader works in conjunction with a committee and the local municipality to assess the communities’ needs and bring development and food assistance to the island residents.

What a $10 donation can do to feed a Senior family for 2 weeks.

Living off, primarily, from fishing poses some challenges. During the winter storms that begin in May, they are unable to fish and sell their catch. The islands are home to a large number of children and senior population. The senior population leaves off fishing and the kindness of their neighbors.

Latina Republic chose to support these islands after getting to know the leaders and their empathetic and democratic leadership style. They look out for all residents and support the elderly, disabled and neediest members of the community. When they can’t fish, they can’t eat. They are hardworking and appreciative of any form of assistance. Unlike nonprofits that receive support from various sources, the islands’ residents are on their own.

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Every dollar we raise for them, goes directly to food packages. We coordinate with island leaders who pick up the donations, shop for the food, travel across water back to their communities and select the neediest members to receive them. We receive photos and videos of the deliveries. We maintain weekly contact with each of them. Will you help us feed the seniors?

What a $10 donation can do to feed a Senior family for 2 weeks.

For the Senior population in the islands, the most urgent need is Food. We collect donations from generous individuals like yourself and coordinate with island leaders to deliver nutritious food bags to the neediest ancianitos, seniors in the island. This weekend, August 16th, island leaders brought food and hope to ten seniors in each island:

Will you help us deliver more food packets for seniors? Consider donating $10 for a great cause.