Voces Program

Voces, LR Latin American Professional Journalists Program

In 2021 Latina Republic seeks to support journalists in Central America and the Caribbean embarking on research and reporting on the damaging effects of COVID-19 across sectors in their societies and report on the efforts underway to recover their livelihoods and areas where international help is needed. This new initiative is called, Voces.  

The pandemic has impacted the work of journalists in the region, as their stories and reports are needed more than ever. Latina Republic is creating a new journalistic initiative to support independent journalism in Central America.  We seek to foster free press, support journalists with equipment, transportation costs and funding to report on the multi-tier pandemic recovery efforts in Central America, including its impact on migration patterns, recovery in economics, at risk populations, health and the protection of culture and patrimony.

Independent regional journalism is critical to sustaining democracy. The Voces program seeks to raise funding to support independent journalists’ documentation of recovery efforts resulting from COVID-19, and from natural disasters affecting Central America. Latina Republic believes that democracy thrives when people and communities are informed and engaged in their own recovery.

Through this program, our goal is to generate revenue solutions to ensure journalists  have a sustainable future as they report on preparedness, response and recovery.

The Voces Program is inspired by Federal Writers’ Project (FWP), a federal government project in the United States created to provide jobs for out-of-work writers during the Great Depression. The FWP employed thousands of people and produced hundreds of publications including state guides, city guides, local histories, oral histories, ethnographies. The project provided jobs to unemployed journalists, researchers, editors, and historians. It is estimated that over ten-thousand people found employment in the FWP. The Federal Writers’ Project set out not only to provide work relief for unemployed journalists, but to create unique portraits of America.

In times of Covid-19, Latina Republic launches the Voces Program inspired by the FWP project. It is vitally important to foster intercultural understanding and the value of international cooperation in reporting. Through our Voces program, we seek to partner with Latin American journalists to serve as a platform for untold narratives and stimulate cross border understandings.

Please help us support the work of  Central American and Caribbean journalists through our Voces program.