Voces Program

Voces, LR Latin American Professional Journalists Program

Latina Republic is creating a new journalistic enterprise to support independent journalism in Central America.  We seek to foster free press, support journalists with equipment, transportation costs and funding to report on the multi-tier pandemic recovery efforts in Central America, including its impact on migration patterns, recovery in economics, at risk populations, health and the protection of culture and patrimony.

Independent regional journalism is critical to sustaining democracy. Grants would allow us to support the work of Latin American journalists in narrative and solutions journalism as researched and reported by local experts on the ground.

The Voces program seeks to raise funding to support independent journalists’ documentation of recovery efforts resulting from COVID-19, and from natural disasters affecting Central America. Latina Republic believes that democracy thrives when people and communities are informed and engaged in their own recovery. The pandemic has resulted in numerous Central American journalists’ layoffs. Community journalists in particular need help and at a time when communities are fighting to recover from the pandemic and natural disasters, these voices are more urgent than ever. They are the pulse of their communities.

Through this program, our goal is to generate revenue solutions to ensure journalists and their independent work have a sustainable future. Local journalists play a key role in leading and tracing recovery through preparedness, response and recovery.

Latina Republic is pursuing sustainable revenue solutions for a diverse network of local journalists in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. Our growing network of journalists will use these funds to report on COVID-19’s impact on the migration patterns, public health, and socioeconomic wellbeing in these three countries. Specifically, we will use funds to provide grants to our journalists with the equipment and transportation they require, so they can continue to carry out their crucial work while supporting themselves and their families.

Will you help us sponsor a Latin American Journalist? Your donation will make an invaluable contribution to journalists in Latin America so that they can continue their work of cross border reporting, cultural and community reporting. Your donation will us help us raise funding for compensation and journalistic equipment. The pandemic has impacted all of us. Journalists, writers and artists working in Latin America have faced unique setbacks. Their work and stories await to be told and showcased.

The Voces Program is inspired by Federal Writers’ Project (FWP), a federal government project in the United States created to provide jobs for out-of-work writers during the Great Depression. The FWP employed thousands of people and produced hundreds of publications including state guides, city guides, local histories, oral histories, ethnographies. The Project provided jobs to unemployed journalists, researchers, editors, and historians. It is estimated that over ten-thousand people found employment in the FWP. The Federal Writers’ Project set out not only to provide work relief for unemployed journalists, but to create unique portraits of America.

In this times of Covid-19, Latina Republic launches the Voces Program inspired by the FWP project. It is vitally important to foster intercultural understanding and the value of international cooperation in reporting. Through our Voces program, we seek to partner with Latin American journalists to serve as a platform for untold narratives that renew cultural journalism and stimulate cross border understandings.

As a 501C 3 Nonprofit organization we need your support to award the journalists with stipends that support and reward their work and allows them to acquire the equipment and transportation charges incurred to do their jobs during the pandemic.

Please help us support the journalists through our Voces program.