Soledad Quartucci, PhD, Founder of Latina Republic

Latina Republic is a registered nonprofit organization advancing social justice in Central and South America. We believe that the root causes of migration from the Americas can better be understood through personal testimonials from Latin American neighbors in the region. Latina Republic provides a forum for locals to drive the conversation on issues across the region. We partner with everyday people on the front lines of urgent problems in Latin America and celebrate alongside those who overcome and contribute generously to the improvements of their local communities. Through Latina Republic’s forum we bring together leading experts and local voices from Latin America to inform policies and educate the public. The stories published in Latina Republic point to development challenges affecting the region and encourage international dialogue, research, resource allocation and collaboration.

Latina Republic provides a platform for multi-lateral partners–including government leaders, journalists, thought-leaders, advocates, business owners, religious communities and hard-working individuals from all sectors of society—to expand the dialogue affecting cross-border challenges. We believe that regional testimonials are critical to understanding insider experiences of problems that transcend borders in the Americas. We are a framework for international dialogue and cooperation.

The voices in Latina Republic provide a human context for today’s public policy and regional debates. We partner, advocate, listen, network and collaborate to improve understanding of the everyday life of Latin Americans and identify resources and means to assist locals reach their vision of self-reliance and livelihood.

Our emphasis is on timely stories occurring in politically-sensitive Latin American environments. We stand in solidarity with our Latin American neighbors and share a common belief in humanity, justice and peace.

Cross-Cutting Issues:

  • International Coordination for Infrastructure
  • Reduction of Maternal and Child Mortality
  • Gender Equality & Ending Violence Against Women
  • Education Access for All
  • Equal Access to the Law
  • Human Rights & Poverty Reduction
  • Building Capacity in Latin America
  • Celebrating Entrepreneurial Innovation
  • Collaborating with Foreign Partners
  • Encouraging Community Resilience
  • Strengthening the Participation of Marginalized Groups
  • Increasing Food Security for the Poorest Sectors of Society
  • Supporting Environmental Conservation
  • Expanding Basic Education and Skills Training for At-risk Youth and Adults
  • Enhancing Quality Education and Health Services
  • Supporting Development Efforts
  • Spreading Sustainability, Resource Connection and Governance Linkages
  • Fostering Goodwill & a Commitment to Work in Partnership

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