Welcome to LatinaRepublic.com, a site to learn about the latest news affecting our Central American neighbors, and news regarding the US Immigrant experience. My name is Soledad Quartucci. I have a Ph.D. in United States History with an emphasis in Immigration and Feminist Studies. I am an oral historian, a researcher, a storyteller, an activist and an educator. I have a passion for telling and reading about the human experience across time and space.

The idea behind LatinaRepublic started one afternoon after I first caught up with the news through my mainstream source, MSNBC. Following my daily routine, I then switched to the Latino news,  Univision and Telemundo. I only felt up to date after I had watched both sources of news. I remember asking myself: Are these two broadcasts part of my same America? There seemed to be and continues to be such a wide disconnect, a great mystery behind how so many members of our immigrant community lives. Even greater are the unknowns behind our neighbors’ challenges, and how our actions, histories, and stories interconnect.

After many months of a daily routine watching both news sources, I felt inspired to build a bridge, a site where Central American and US news meet, a place where the curious reader who may have questions such as, why do migrants leave their homes for the US? What is happening in those countries? This is for you. This is also a place to catch up on the latest debates surrounding Immigration, Refugees, and Social Justice in the US and in Central America. My goal to build understanding, to highlight interrelated problems and to inspire compassion and action through one voice at a time.

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