Welcome to LatinaRepublic.com, a site to learn about the latest news affecting our Central American neighbors, and news regarding the US Immigrant experience. My name is Soledad Quartucci. I have a Ph.D. in United States History with an emphasis in Immigration and Feminist Studies. I am an oral historian, a researcher, a storyteller, an activist and an educator. I have a passion for telling and reading about the human experience across time and space.

I founded LatinaRepublic to understand the socio, gender, political and economic transformations affecting Central America and communicate them to the American public. My background as a PhD US historian born in Argentina, brings unique expertise to decision makers in the United States and Central America on critical policy issues facing the region. At the core of my press, I aim to improve the quality of U.S.-Central American relations and foster collaborative development and relationships that are mutually beneficial.

LatinaRepublic provides insightful research for policymakers, journalists, intellectuals, educators and interested audiences in US-Central America. LatinaRepublic aims to foster new inquiry, to humanize and individualize the challenges facing our neighbors, and to serve as a trusted source of analysis.

LatinaRepublic provides individualized depth and context for fast breaking news affecting the region. The stories confront issues of mutual concern. The press is situated to educate influential actors in the United States and around the world about the region’s politics, economics, and foreign relations.

My doctoral background is complemented by my background as an educator, as an academic and as an advocate of Latino and minority students in college and my volunteer work as a jail visitor.

I am a storyteller, a researcher, a mentor and a public speaker. All these titles coalesce in one goal-to spread light and to bring us closer together.

* I write about the Central American Experience and the Latina experience in the United States.
* I mentor and coach millenials on surviving the first year of college, on staying accountable, goal-focused and writing empowering personal statements and statements of purpose to unlock doors to success.
* I mentor single-parent, immigrant women, career changers, reentry students.
* I speak about my personal experience as an immigrant woman in the US. I speak about the immigrant experience in the US; about Central America’s political climate; about the multiplicity of challenges facing asylum seekers.

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