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Canada’s Immigration Level Plan for 2024-2026

Canada’s Immigration Level Plan for 2024-2026

Canada has announced its Immigration Levels Plan for 2024-2026, maintaining its current immigration targets. In 2024, Canada aims to admit 485,000 new immigrants, with plans to welcome 500,000 immigrants each year in 2025 and 2026. These targets are consistent with those outlined in the Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025, as reported by CIC News.

The breakdown of immigration targets includes an increasing number of immigrants under the economic class, family class, and humanitarian admissions over the three-year period. The Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) targets will also rise during this period.

The Canadian government is keeping these targets unchanged to support economic growth while addressing various pressures in areas such as housing, healthcare, and infrastructure. Starting in 2026, they intend to stabilize permanent resident levels at 500,000 to ensure successful integration while continuing to augment the labor market. They also plan to recalibrate the number of temporary resident admissions for sustainability.

This announcement follows a new strategy unveiled by Canada to improve its immigration system, focusing on creating a more welcoming experience for newcomers, aligning immigration with labor market needs, and developing a comprehensive growth plan.

Canada’s immigration strategy has evolved over the years, with a growing emphasis on planning for future immigration and addressing labor shortages. Despite affordability and housing challenges, Canada continues to maintain high immigration targets due to the need for skilled labor, low birth rates, and an aging workforce.

Quebec also revealed its immigration levels plan, aiming to welcome 50,000 new immigrants in 2024 and another 50,000 in 2025, aligning with its unique status in Canada to preserve its francophone character.

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